Sunday, March 16, 2008

Orange Alert's Music Minute

It was back in July that I told you the man called Peasant had just finished recording his Paper Garden debut record, On the Ground. Well it us finally here, and even more beautiful then I could have imagined. Damien DeRose is from Doylestown, PA, and he has the ability allow all of his experience, passion, and heart to slowly and softly drift through speakers and into open minds.

Listen to: Those Days (mp3)

As a young boy I had two role models that played a major role in my development, H.M. Murdock (A-Team) and that guy who flew into walls on the Greatest American Hero. Murdock because he was unpredictable and somewhat unknown, and GAH because there was something thrilling about running into walls. Murdoch was always coming in to save the day, and the law or the criminal element never saw him coming.

Austin, Texas is home to Murdocks, a band who shares the same unpredictable nature and element of surprise as their namesake. Their new ep Roar! (Out April 1st, Surprise Truck) does just that, it roars with the excitement of pure rock n' roll.

Listen to: Playhouse Down (mp3)

New York dream rockers who have been spinning sonic webs since 1999, Longwave are back in the studio working their latest album. However, they have a found enough time in between takes to play a few dates.

Mar 7 2008 Rock and Roll Hotel, Washington, DC

Mar 12 2008 Emo’s, SXSW showcase, Austin, Texas

Mar 13 2008 Skewer BBQ party at Maggie Mae?s, Austin, TX

Mar 14 2008 Bebo party at Beauty Bar Austin, TX

Mar 15 2008 Filter magazine party at Cedar Street Austin, TX

Mar 22 2008 Mercury Lounge, NY, New York

I have really been enjoy the sound coming the Bear Funk Label lately. Their newest release (BFK030, April 1st) finds London DJ Max Essa teasing his anticipated full-length album Continental Drift, to be released later this year. ‘Back To The Beach’ pretty much sums up Max Essa, a melting pot of live bass live guitar, tip top drums, beautiful chord progressions and generous helpings of emotion that always have you thinking and dreaming about the sun. Max also treats us with two more superb wigged out offerings, ‘Telepath’ and ‘Dead Acrobat’. Both have that deep disco wobble that Bearfunk lovers know and love, but the subtle guitar delays and arpeggio's have you completely locked in and begging for more. Expect big things from this man in 2008!

Ethan Kath and Alice Glass are mysterous duo who have building a following through complex eps and choatic remixes. Taking their name She-Ra, their music can at times be cartoonish, and always animated. With Atari sounds mixed with driving vocals and Alices' scream sing to breathy vocals, it is non-stop party. Their debut self-titled full-length will be released on March 18th via Last Gang, but Crystal Castles are already on tour in support.

Mar 17 2008 RandyBaconStudio & Gallery SPRINGFIELD MO
Mar 19 2008
House Café DEKALB, IL
Mar 21 2008
Mar 22 2008
Mar 23 2008
Mar 24 2008
Mar 25 2008
Mar 26 2008
Mercury Lounge NEW YORK
Mar 27 2008
Musee Juste Pour Rire MONTREAL

Listen to: Magic Spells (mp3)

The Peel Back: The Feelies Crazy Rhythms (Stiff Records, 1980)

Inspiration to many, recognized by few... The Feelies in the earlier '80 were inventing new sounds and rhythms, combining new wave with surf with punk, and the results where incredible groundbreaking and addictive. They had a way of layering guitars and using unique drums techniques many bands have tried to replicate. The band that they most famously influenced is REM, but I hear sounds of The Feelies in current bands like The Dodos, The Pharmacy, The Ravonettes, and many more. Crazy Rhythms was there first album and is a perfect example of the raw excitment that they were able to capture in their music.

The Boy with the Perpetual Nervousness/Fa Cé-La (mp3)/Loveless Love/Forces at Work/Original Love/Everybody's Got Something To Hide (Except Me and My Monkey)/Moscow Nights/Raised Eyebrows (mp3)/Crazy Rhythms

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