Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gallery Watch

Under The Influence: The Official Art Tribute to Beastie Boys - January 8 - 29, 2009 (Los Angeles)

Opening last week at Gallery 1988 Los Angeles, Under The Influence is an exploration and examination of the many varied themes that have filled the legend that is the Beastie Boys. From the Brass Monkey to the girls to the robots and fake mustaches, it is all presented by 100 amazing artists. Included in the collection are three former Orange Alert featured artists Mike Maxwell, Leanne Biank, and Tony Philippou.

Not only are these some of the most inventive and fun paintings that I have seen in a while, but a potion of the proceeds from this exhibit will benefit the Gramercy Housing Group. Other artist involved include Shepard Fairey, Ruel Pascual, Ben Walker, and many more. You can view all of the images here.

Sandusky - Jan. 17 - 31, 2009 - Scott Cowan and Katy Keefe (Chicago)

Scott Cowan & Katy Keefe have an interesting exhibit opening this weekend at Caro d'Offay Gallery (2204 W. North Avenue). Presented by a forgetfulness of Self within the mixed up feelings of freedom, hope, fear, and consciousness, Sandusky brings the distance of the historic past and the unimaginable future to one single point: the present.

Upon entering guests are faced with a monumental wall of Moai heads similar to those found on Easter Island dripping with paints of blinding whites and astro-black. The attention is then drawn to the colliding sounds of the intonnations of political speeches, droning frequencies, and the victory of guitar solos. The walls portray a landscape of imagined locations and galaxies, lined with the glitter of gold and silver trees. A rabbit skin tarp hangs above leading to a table of snacks that are free of charge.

As William Black stated, "If the doors of perception were cleansed then everything would appear as it is - infinite". As always, though obviously pressing in the current days of suspicion and anxiety, there is an greatness found in the strength of being powerless; in the dismissal of knowledge there lies the roots of wisdom. There is hope found in that which have the appearance of the absurd and also in a love that is grown with a distaste for self. Sandusky offers a thought on the expectancy of such a mentality - the visitor decides on how it should be carried out.


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