Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Bird Room Competition

The Bird Room will be released by Canongate Books on January 22, 2009, but in the meantime Chris Killen (interview here) is running a competition to giveaway his copies.

Here are the details:
Send me an email (chriskillen [AT] gmail.com) with the word 'competition' somewhere in the subject line. Include your address, and say whether you want me to write/draw something in it and (if so) what you would like me to write/draw. Please understand that i am rubbish at drawing. if you don't specify anything, I will just sign my name and draw a picture of a bird in the top right hand corner.

Also in the email, please include one 'line of poetry'. It doesn't need to be any good, it could be very abstract, but make it something specific enough that you will recognise it again ... once the competition is 'closed' (i don't know, a week from now?), I will put up a video on here of me pulling the lines of the poem out of something, to create a 10-line cut up poem. If i read your line, that means there is a book in the post to you.

The competition is open to anyone in the world.

The competition is perfect if you are thinking something like, 'The Bird Room looks interesting, maybe, but i would not want to pay for it' or 'i can't afford it' or 'i have been openly slating it and Chris Killen as a one-trick-pony hack who got lucky (but secretly i would like to read it)' or 'i don't know, i'm bored, why not' or 'i could tear the pages out and wipe my a** with them' or 'okay then; i could give this in to Oxfam if i hate it'.

I hope the instructions weren't too confusing.