Monday, August 18, 2008

The Orange Spotlight

The Ettes Look At Life Again Soon (Take Root Records, Aug. 12th (digital), Sept. 9th (CD/LP))

"I've got what you need when your eyes get bright..."

Formed in 2004, New York's Poni, Coco, & Jem are The Ettes. Not The Pippettes or The Ronettes, just The Ettes. Loud and aggressive, these three turn up the heat both sonically and sexually. They seem to effortlessly mix raw punk sounds with an attitude of domination and overt flirtiness. Drawing inspiration from bands as far reaching as The Stoggs and The Ramones to Nancy Sinatra and Patsy Cline, they advance the sound and the concept of the female lead singer. Coco stands tall and tells the world exactly what she wants and when she wants it.

Beyond that, The Ettes tour relentlessly and have shared the stage with such acts as Radio Birdman, The Constantines, The New York Dolls, Holly Golightly, and The Black Lips. Lauded by fans and critics alike, The Ettes have created a whole new beat-punk rock-and-roll sound that has been blowing people away from Canada and the States, to the UK and Europe, and everywhere in between.

Listen to: Marathon (mp3)

Dan Provost Weathered Woman (Inkstained Dagger Press, May 2008)

"No, never will humanity ever come back... I don't know if it even existed."

The image of the female has been used, abused, glorified, and worshiped in many different ways over the years. I'm not going to say that Dan Provost hates woman, I feel he really likes woman and the sport of observing them. In fact, he takes a very realistic approach to observing many types of woman; from the overworked to the overweight, from the oversexed to under loved. He sees the hurt and the hurtful. Yet, the most honest observations in this collection come when he talks about the way men look at women. The almost predatory glare from across a bar, the lustful stare fixed to a computer scene, the pointed eyes when you think no one is looking. He's got the grizzle and sizzle, and exposes the bar room thoughts for the world to see.

Through all of this male thought and thoughtlessness Dan also shows a more complex side of women. He illustrates the value and the beauty, the necessity of love, caring, support, and trust. Then he closes it all with the much needed poem about 8 guys and a girl on a web cam. It all comes full circle.

Inkstained Dagger Press is an independent press out of Ohio who just opened their doors this past May. Right out of the gate they released three chaps by John Dorsey, Alex C. Nielsen, and Dan Provost. Dan is the only non-Ohio resident in the mix, but I am glad he was included. Weathered Women was printed in a run of 50 and I have copy #8. $8.00/Inkstained Dagger Press/2413 Collingwood Blvd. Studio 404/Toledo, Ohio 43620/ISDpress @

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