Sunday, August 17, 2008

Orange Alert's Music Minute

Sometimes when a band is on a major label, like Interscope, I feel like I shouldn't or don't need to talk about them. When I hear their music being played on commercials (Volkswagen), I move their cd to bottom of the list. Yet, every time I listen to this album I can't help but sing and dance, and now yell its praises. London's Noah and The Whale's debut Peaceful, The World Lays Down for Me (Cherrytree Records, 9/16) is honestly an instant classic full of sunshine and walks on the beach (or to the zoo). With impressive singles like "Shape of My Heart" and "5 Years Time", and really not a bad tune among the 12, this complete and impressive debut. So don't let the goofy outfits or the major label scare you off, give these London boys a chance.

Listen to: 5 Years (mp3) (video)

The Chicago duo of Apoc and Rel will release their debut album, The Night of Day, on Aug. 19th. Mixing ground shaking beats with samples from the films of the 40's and 50's, this album is a great contribution to the ever growng Chicago scene. Leading up to the creation of The Night of Day, producer (and occasional rapper) Rel honed his skills behind the boards by producing tracks for local hip-hop Chicago acts such as Elfamail and Moodswangz of Giraffe Nuts, and engineering recording sessions for hip-hop icons like Raekwon, Killah Priest and Pace Won. To compliment Apoc’s striking style, Rel uses a palette that includes classic soul chops, staccato synths, and haunting strings. Rel’s tracks bounce from dark and evocative to soulful and melodic, with snippets from some of the film noir movies that influenced the creation of the album. Also contributing on The Night of Day are fellow Chicagoans Racecar of Modill, and Rhymesayers recording artist Psalm One, as well as cuts performed by battle veteran DJ Onceamonth. This album perfect for rolling down the windows and getting strange looks from the neighbors.

Listen to: It's The... (mp3)

On Sept. 16th Athens band The Dead Confederate will release their debut full-length album, Wrecking Ball. They've already shared the stage with R.E.M. (at a lauded 2008 SXSW appearance), Dinosaur Jr., Drive By Truckers, the Black Angels, Deerhunter and Black Lips and are looking forward to tossing aside their day jobs (everything from catering to construction) to get back into their live groove this summer.

08.22.08 – Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA
09.11.08 – Exit/In – Nashville, TN
09.12.08 – Sky City – Augusta, GA
09.18.08 – The Hummingbird – Macon, GA
09.19.08 – 40 Watt – Athens, GA
09.20.08 – The Earl – Atlanta, GA
09.23.08 – JJ’s Bohemia – Chattanooga, TN
09.24.08 – The Bottletree – Birmingham, AL
09.25.08 – Sticky Fingerz – Little Rock, AR
09.26.08 – Emo's – Austin, TX
09.27.08 – The Cavern – Dallas, TX
09.29.08 – The Bluebird – St. Louis, MO
09.30.08 - Jackpot Music Hall - Lawrence, KS
10.01.08 – The Waiting Room – Omaha, NE
10.02.08 – The Annex – Madison, WI
10.03.08 – Mo's Irish Pub – Milwaukee, WI
10.04.08 – Schubas – Chicago, IL
10.07.08 – TT the Bears – Cambridge, MA
10.09.09 – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY
10.10.08 – Union Hall – Brooklyn, NY
10.14.08 – Cat's Cradle – Carrboro, NC
10.16.08 – Exit/In – Nashville, TN
10.17.08 – Proud Larry's – Oxford, MS
10.25.08 – Voodoo Experience – New Orleans, LA
Listen to: The Rat (mp3)

The Mojomatics are an Italian duo bringing their hybrid brand of punk and blues to the states. Don’t Pretend That You Know Me is this bands third album, but their first on Italy's Ghost Records and will be released on Sept. 23rd. MojoMatt (vocals, guitar, harmonica) and DavMatic(drums, percussion) came together in 2003, and they are guaranteed to excite even the toughtest critic this fall.

Listen to: Wait A While (mp3) (video)

Lightning Beatman & His No Talent are set to reissue a great album called Wrestling Rock 'N' Roll which was originally released in 1994. Clearly blending rock, blues, and mexican wrestling, this album refreshing, hillarious, and rocking every inch. Here is the story he has to tell: "As Young 13 year old Beat-Man (born. Beat Zeller) he started experimenting with his 4 Track machine, first under the Name Taeb Zerfall (1985) , then in 1992 after a Longer US Trip and inspired by Mexican Wretling in Los Angeles under the Name Lightning Beat-Man, back then the main theme was: “I FIGHT ON STAGE AGAINST ME AND MY GUITAR AND BEAT THE S**T OUT OF IT AND WIN EVERY NIGHT” the Rawness and Directness of the Recordings are Unbeatable for the Time it came out, it Was the time when Techno and DJ’s totally took over everything and there was absolutely no Space for Trash at all.. when the Record came out it didn’t sell lot and the critics where very bad in the beginning also for the Live shows (the theme of the live shows where, play as Bad ,F**ked Up and Drunk as possible) but after a while came Touring in Europe and Shows together with the Ramones, Dick Dale , Prince, Fireworks Dead Moon and many more (almost 250 shows a year) and his Own Little Show on VIVA and MTV where he travels Around the US with a Wrestling Mask and interviewing People and Visiting Graveyards of Dead Rock’n’roll Artists, and the 2nd Album (Apartment Wrestling Rock’n’Roll- voodoo rhythm) who came on the Marked like a Atomic Explosion and as well made this 1st Album as a Collectors item, so we thought to give it to the People again together with 3 Outstanding Noisy Trashed out Bonus Tracks, and yea the Whole Album and Recordings are as Fresh as they would be made today.. the only problem is a Ground Noise that the Tascam Tape Deck had while recording.. but that’s how it is if you Record in a LOW BUDGET WAY."

Listen to: I Wanna Be Your Pussycat (mp3)

The Peel Back: Shakeyface Puddle Jumping During a Monsoon (Quartermass/Forced Exposure, April 29th, 2002)

Brooklyn downtempo hip hop producer Shakeyface (a.k.a. Doug Smiley) made a few waves with his 2002 debut, and completely caught me by surprise. I fell in love with the way he could wrap one style into one another, and create a beautiful blanket of sound. A blanket that would keep you warm and gently rock you to sleep. The highlight of the album for me was a track called "Helpless" with its raining piano keys and steady beats. It was heartbreaking and beautiful much like the rest of the album.

Shakeyface continued to DJ in local clubs while working on the follow-up 2006's Bicycle Day Boogaloo, perfecting his style and finding new beats. Just yesterday I received an e-mail from Shakeyface and here is the latest:

Hello, Shakeyface here with a quick message. I've been deep up in the lab working on some new gems, following up on the last album "Bicycle Day Boogaloo".

Let's just toss out a few musical reference points - A sonic menage a trois with Daft Punk, Aphex Twin and Ace of Bass in a bubble bath...Rappers moonlighting in a barbershop quartet... Beats exploding like fireworks in your head.

Sounds incredible to me. He also sent this little rework.

Goons & Goblins (A Milli) - Shakeyface vs. Weezy (mp3)

Puddle Jumping During a Monsoon
Helpless (mp3)/Damy Beta/Crazy, Crazy Like a Fox/Aheadbehind/Divided/Fishing for Swords/Puddle Jumping During a Monsoon

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