Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Watch List

1. Shock of Pleasure: Everybody wants to bring something back, and I say let's bring back Trip-hop! This Dallas band has the formula down, and they are about blow-up. The voice of Kelley Christian is pure pleasure. Listen to: Superstar (Carpenter's Cover) (mp3)
2. Plajia: Sugary pop for Montreal... you have to be kidding! No, it's true Plajia is from Montreal and they poppy, key board infused dance-pop. However, they have a unique sense of attitude and a rapid shifting sounds. Listen to: Beautiful Explosion (mp3)
3. Dead Heart Bloom: New York's Boris Skalsky formed Dead Heart Bloom back in 2005 and has built up a solid fan base. This year they plan to release a series of EP for free on their website. The first ep, Fall In, is now available.

1. Requiem For Bob Meritxell: Part 1 by Chris Bower: I have seen the name Chris Bower in several places lately, but I have never had the pleasure meet or interviewing him. He is definitely on my list now.
2. The Fire Hazard by Mike Young: The tricks that memory can play.
3. Underneath by Donna D. Vitucci: Every inch of every home in every country tells a different story.
4. Two Poems by Misti Rainwater-Lites: Craig Sernotti runs "The" a new poetry journal.
5. Daly & The Daylights by Ryan Bird: Being in a band changes everything.
6. Here Ye Knives by Ravi Mangla: Never invite a knives salesman in for a beer.
7. Dark Matter Lullabies by Christian Ward: This is a free e-book with a great cover. Christian is an excellent poet and former OA interview.

1. Periscope® LED Book Light in a Bookcover: Very cool light and book cover all in one!
2. New prints from Ben Tour: Ben has two new prints in his on-line store. Here are the details, Giclee Print on Somerset Velvet 100% Cotton Acid Free Paper. Edition of 20. 24 x18. Signed and Numbered by the Artist.
3. Garden of Rocks by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal: This is KSE #103 and it is now available! $4.

1. Blanket Issue #10: This is the recycled issue and it features tons of great art and great idea for making projects out of recycled items.
2. Ray Protoge Hipster Hop Mixtape! ft. The Cool Kids, Hollywood Holt, The Knux, Mic Terror and more. Also if you are going to listen to the music, you have to wear the clothes.

1. Prints "Too Much Water"
2. Hip Hop Theatre: The Knux - Cappuccino, Kidz in the Hall - Driving Down the Block, Yea Big & Kid Static live at The Empty Bottle.
3. Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip "Letter From God to Man"

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