Sunday, July 13, 2008

Orange Alert's Music Minute

Over the past two weeks my inbox has been flooded with a lot of great new hip hop, and I thought I would share with you all at once.

Common Market - Tobacco Road (mp3) (out September 9th on HYENA/ MassLine)
OC & AG - Put it in the Box (mp3)
Team Blackout - Billion Dollar Boyfriend (mp3) (from Lights Out out August 19th)
Kidz In The Hall - Driving Down the Block (Westcoast Remix) (mp3)
Vordul Mega - Megagraphitti (mp3) (title track from Vordul Mega's (half of Cannibal Ox)upcoming sophomore solo-LP on August 19th)
Greg Street - Good Day (mp3) (from his upcoming project "Greg Street Certified Worldwide" which will be released by Interscope Records)

If you were looking for the next big thing to come out of Chicago, then you have to hear the music of Joe Pug. While everyone else was busy watching the details and career of Bon Iver, Joe has been extremly busy crafting a fantastic debut album, Nation of Heat. He sings in a classic folk style, but his voice is so distinct and mature you would think he has been at it, touring bars and living the life for fourty years, and not just a young Chicagoan starting to make a name for himself.

Listen to: Hymn 101 (mp3)

Detroit indie pop alchemists PAS/CAL are set to deliver their long-anticipated full-length debut, I Was Raised on Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura, on July 22nd. Continuing in the tradition of their insanely well-received catalog mastermind and namesake Casimer Pascal and company have created a masterpiece bathed in '60's pop and strangely appealing harmonies. The lead leak from the album, “You Were Too Old For Me,” has already earned a boatload of praise. Hear it for yourself below. Also check out the second single from this great album that will be released on July 22nd.

Listen to: You're too old for me (mp3) and Glorious Ballad of the Ignored (mp3)

Bob Dey's Tank Engine Man is chugging down the track at full volume. Be careful not to miss it!

On August 9th, be sure to see the newest installment of what has become known as "Bob Dey's Circus Engine"; elaborate visual shows, pretty to the eye and satisfying to the ear, that began in Austin, TX and are now being performed in Chicago at the AV-erie 2000 W. Fulton. There isn't a great deal that can be revealed, but we can tell you this: This is not an entirely typical event. Being performed by Chicago's Bob Dey's Tank Engine Man and Meah!, the show is broken into
three parts, each distinctly different than the others. The first part is mostly instrumental and presented in near complete darkness, but don't worry, despite the darkness they do not forget to entertain. The second part is simply an intermission, full of light and a nice opportunity to relax. The final part brings a more traditional approach to band performance, complete with lights and the inevitable shaking legs and bobbing bodies of a rock band. Overall, the show is
one big piece of flowing entertainment that is sure to excite your brain and instill a lasting impression.

Returning to Chicago after a brief time in Austin, Bob Dey's Tank Engine Band (consisting of the mastermind Bob Dey and the performing Mr. Talent) is starting off their next run of interesting
entertainment by teaming up with Chicago favorites, Meah! Playing together one time only, they have brought together their distinct styles to form one of the most interesting sounds to hit Chicago for some time. (They land somewhere in the realm of a Brian Eno-Beatles Circus; not at all displeasing!)

Be sure to ask either band about acquiring some of their music. Meah! could send you home with a sack of goods, ever the diligent recorders that they are, and Bob Dey's Tank Engine Band is recording an album currently; set to be available in October.

Be sure not to miss this show performed by two of the most interesting bands around. The show has a suggested donation price of $10, but I have a feeling that it won't be long before you can't see either one of these bands for that cheap again!

Danny Seim is the drummer for a band called Menomena. They are band that has always fascinated me with their drum pattens, and it is all the work of this man. Danny also has a side project called Lackthereof and it is pretty much just him and a guitar. What is unique is Danny's rich, deep vocals. He really reminds me and an off beat and humorous Mike Johnson. Your Anchor will be released on July 22nd via Barsuk Records.

Listen to: Last November (mp3)

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