Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Watch List

1. Coconut Coolouts: Pizza loving Seattle party rockers play a hybrid Hawaiian party surf rock. Listen to: (Please Don't Break me out of) Party Jail (mp3)
2. Egon's Unicat - There music straight forward pshyco rock, but their lead singer, Sean Patrick, is a show stopper. Jumping on tables, swinging a lead pipe, doing the splits... insane!
3. Bakers at Dawn: Marcus Sjoland is a Swedish musician who creates beautiful music. Bakers at Dawn wants his music to sound either like a cold rock wrapped up in a warm blanket, or a warm blanket wrapped around a cold rock. Listen to: Hopeful (mp3)

1. "My New Cage" by Nathan Tyree: This is what fills my days... Nathan nailed it!
2. "An Afternoon in Late Winter" by Corey Mesler: The fear of life and change and voices that tell you the you have to be something.
3. "A Life Distilled" by Meg House: How would you want your obituary to read?
4. "Oranges" by Tamara T. Linse: The adventures of youth.
5. "Thursday Treat" by Nick Volkert: Nick is not only a wonderful painter and the designer of the OA banner, but he also creates very funny comics.
6. "A Perfect Day for Canned Tuna" by Liliana V. Blum: The story of the housewife.
7. "Happy Birthday to Me" by Kim Chinquee: This is the first story published by the new lit journal Bear Creek Feed.

1. Kendra Steiner Editions #99: Aleathia Drehmer (that's right it is her first chapbook!) Thickets of Mayapple: Letters for Edward $4
2. Marching Unabashed Into The Weeping, Searing Sun... by Hosho McCreesh: The latest from Hosho and Bottle of Smoke. The Hard Cover is sold out, but there were 100 paperbacks printed. $6
3. The New Layman's Almanac by Jacob McArthur Mooney: Wonderfully designed, this collection of poems is the creative debut from this Thieves Jargon editor. $10.17
4. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Poetry by Tao Lin: Tao's latest book is a collection of poems, you can read the first 7 pages here. Don't forget to purchase your promotional sticker. $11.51/20 for $12

1. Radius - Hoodicide mix: "Like 25 minutes of dopeness. A little beat bouillabaise, if you will. This is an exclusive mix Ra did for the 'Neighborhood Suicide' listening party a few weeks back... only souped up and extended now!!! Serious headnodding beats from the vaults and a few you might recognize.... Enjoy it kids and check out the new album." You can download it here!
2. The Roaring Nineties - This collection from the cllct crew up until now was only available to purchased. However, I was just sent this link to download the entire mix. It features covers of 90's songs including (Fu-gee-la, Waterdalls, Lovefool, and Suck my Kiss) here is .rar file!

1. This Ivy League "London Bridges"
2. Illuminea's live video ep
3. Robot Girlfriend Roundtable in four parts: Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4
4. Jill Summers "Wayside Flowers"

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