Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Watch List

1. Eyes: You need to listen to this one twice, or at least I had to. This past week I saw Eyes open for The Crystal Castles, and they were not on top of their game, honestly it wasn't good. However, I did enjoy the crazy electronic sounds, and I felt there might be potential. After the show they handed my a cd, and all was forgiven. Programmed beats, electric guitar, and wild talked/screamed vocals, this Chicago band is truly one to watch. Listen to: Catch a Charge (mp3)
2. Organ Wolf: Chicago boys making progressive atmospheric rock... This music sounds as through a very talented wolf sat down and tried to play the keyboard. Plenty of organ, plenty of synth, plenty of fun! Listen to: Candy Factory (mp3)
3. Marcus Coloma: Los Angeles pop singer (that's right, pop) combines grit with melody, and wears nice sunglasses. He's the ex bassist of Big Japan and is looking at releasing his solo album later this year. Listen to: Dropped (mp3)

1. A Place to Call Home, Chapter One by Robert Duffer: This is the first chapter of Chicago writer Robert Duffer's yet to be published novel. There is more on Mr. Duffer coming soon.
2. "Spring" by Regina McGrew: Six Sentences has been around for a couple of years, but it was just discovered by yours truly. I am now hooked!
3. "When I Was Air" by Deborah McCarroll: There are just certain memories that remain clearer then others.
4. "We Sing To Each Other" by Corey Messler: The way men communicate has always fascinated me.
5. "No Future" by Wayne Mason: I've seen that look before.
6. "Morning Light" by Jason Fisk: I have been looking for a Chicago Poet, and I do believe I just found one.

1. "A Lifetime of Mondays" by Wayne Mason: Speaking of Wayne Mason, this is his third chapbook. I really enjoy Wayne working class venom and boredom mix. $6
2. Dream That Would Drown Most Men by John Dorsey & Amanda Oaks: Published by Rose of Sharon Press and designed by S.A. Griffin, this book (not chap, full book) is limited to 50 copies, all signed. Payable to S.A. Griffin Rose of Sharon Press P.O. Box 29171 Los Angeles, CA 90027-0171 $20pp
3. "Mississippi" by Jennifer Davis: Tiny Showcase announced their Spring Print collection, and I was pleased to find a print from Jennifer Davis amoung the other great prints. $30
4. Slack Art Stickers + Pins: Only 70 packs were made, so get one before they are gone. $9.50

1. Woosta Issue #1: It seems like every more there is a new art mag, but they are all great.
2. MP3 Goodies: Meho Plaza - Love Plus One (Haircut 100 cover) (mp3) Newton Faulkner - Dream Catch Me (mp3)

1. F*** Buttons "Bright Tomorrow": Great video from an oddly titled band.
2. A Faulty Chromosome "Jackie O": Sun drenched and ready for the summer!
3. James Eric "Could've Been Like Ben": A look a things to come... very good questions, James.
4. The Exploring the Drawing World of Ria Brodell: Ria is an incredible artist who has been on my list for a while now. This video is really a neat concept.

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Robert McEvily said...

Hi Jason,

Thanks a lot for mentioning Six Sentences! Hope you'll send your work sometime soon!