Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Watch List

1. Toob: London is home to this funky trio who create some soothing electronic melodies. They are releasing a teaser ep on March 17th to be followed up by their LP "Push Me, Pull You". Listen to: Mr. Brown (mp3)
2. Vincent Black Shadow: No I'm not listening to roar of a classic motorcycle, this more of a screeching spastic sputter of acid punk rock. Listen to: Pacman Jones (mp3)
3. Dabor Spasbeken: All I know is that they have a strange name, a free ep, and they are from Chicago. Did I mention free ep?

1. The March Issue of decomP: Doug Draime, Justin Hyde, William Taylor Jr., and so much more!
2. "We Will Drink our Coffee and Complete our Novels and Lay in Sunlight and Sit in Darkness" by Tao Lin: As close to a sappy love story as you will ever see from Tao Lin.
3. "Head" by Matthew Chrulew: I found this interesting story over at the great new lit blog Dog Versus Sandwich.
4. "The Mess You Made in Us" by C. Robin Madigan: Short but action packed.
5. "Plastic" by Jason Neese: This piece is taken from the newly released Red Fez #17
6. "Triumph of the Won't" (except) by Tim Hall: Recent transplant from New York to Chicago, Tim Hall is ready to join the scene. He is a writer, multimedia artist, journalist, editor, and publisher. More to come...

1. New Releases from Kendra Steiner Editions: Four new releases and one reprint this month over at KSE. Including a great chap from Doug Draime that we will hear more about next week.
2. Ginger Chews: My latest addictions
3. Songs of Insurgency by Spencer Dew: We are finally set for the release of Spencer's highly regarded collection of stories. He has several readings coming up, so check his site for times and locations.
4. Limited Edition Tessar Lo print: Tessar said they are almost out of stock, so grab one while you can! $80

1. Cool new icons for the laptop here
2. Kino Issue #4: This issue is called "Run Lola Run", and takes it name from a great indie film. This is a well done arts zine from Brazil.

1. Beach House "Heart of Chambers"
2. Counting Crows "The Making of 1492"
3. Death to Anders "Great Plain States" (live) a look at things to come

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