Sunday, March 02, 2008

Orange Alert's Music Minute

Austin, Tx does it again! A Faulty Chromosome has created a debut album that sounds both cheaply made and intensely complex at the same time. Self-Released, "as an ex-anorexic's six sicks exit,..." is model for the sloppy, yet talented. They are selling the album through paypal for a donation, and recommend $6.66 to cover cost. This album is worth more then that for the interesting drawings alone. Honestly, the music is a mutant combo of surfy, jangle pop, and abstract electro-mush. Good stuff stuff stuff stufff!

Listen to: Jackie O (mp3)

The delicate folky chords of these Frenchmen have been flowing through my head all week. Hyped as the new Shins, these lads have the melodies and harmonies, and with time who knows. They put together a charming debut full of the best tunes folk-pop has to offer. This week they make debut on American soil with three shows in NYC. For concert details check out there myspace page.

Listen to: Merryland (mp3)

This is the story of an underground legend teaming up with a brand new Chicago label/live venue/bar to rerelease his career defining album.

Karl Blau is the previously mentioned underground legend and founder of the revolutionary periodical CD label Kelp Lunacy. Those intelligent enough to subscribe and receive your very own, hand packaged--sewn, screen printed, origamied, letterpressed and/or block printed on quality papers by his own fingers-- original CDs produced by Karl Blau. The record that is being reissued is AM (March 18th), which was originally released on Kelp in 2005. The songs on AM are inspired by the work of A.A. Milne, and musically are some of Blau's most beautifully complex to date. Even though this is a reissue, the songs have been remastered, remixes, resequenced.

Whistler Records is actually an offshoot of a live music venue / bar they are opening in Logan Square called, The Whistler. Think of the Empty Bottle (but 1/3 the size) and with a few more DJ nights and a beer garden in back. They are located at 2421 N. Milwaukee Ave. (at Fullerton). Construction should be done in a few weeks, so they are hoping to be open in 2-3 months time. There are some photos up on myspace that show how it's coming along.

Listen to: Lake King's Daughter (mp3)

I've knew been one for the old RIYL, but the first thing that jumped out at me on The Epochs one-sheet for their self-titled debut (Feb. 19th, Rebel Group) was the RIYL (Spank Rock, TV on the Radio, Klaxons, The Avalanches). I'm not sure what the world's record for fastest bubble envelope to player for a cd is but I'm sure I broke it. I mean come on, Spank Rock mixed with TVOTR, and a cool splatter painted cover! Well, I'm not sure who came up with the RIYL, but The Epochs really don't resemble any of those bands. However, I was not disappointed. They have a unique blend of electronics, soul music, and compulsive pop melodies, and maybe a little TV on the Radio, I guess.

The Epochs will be playing on March 7 - Southpaw - Brooklyn, NY w/ Hey Hey My My, The Subjects, Luke Rathborne.

You can purchase their debut here.

Listen to: Opposite Sides (mp3)

A few months ago I posted that local favorites Venna were selling handmade ep's to raise money to make a proper release. Well, on Friday March 7th Venna will be holding a prom theme EP release party to celebrate what they have accomplished. Here is the note from Heather: "dress fancy if you so choose, i for one will be wearing my prom dress and shoes. oh, and there will be dancing". This event will be held at ELB (it starts at 6:30) in Rockford, also appearing will be kid, you'll move mountains, fable & the world flat and into it over it.

Well I have mentioned the music of Minnesota on more then a few occasions over the last few weeks, and I am going to do it one more time right here. This past week I received a message from the organizer of great electropunk compilation out of MN. The idea behind this compilations series is to collect some of the most interesting, unique, and hardest-working electronic acts in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul - Minnesota), group them together on one CD, print up 1,000 copies and give them away for free in order to give people a taste of the Twin Cities' electronic music underground. The album can be downloaded for free here.

The Peel Back: Cracker Cracker (1992)

I brought this album because of Happy Birthday to Me, I had heard it on the radio and fell in love. I'm thirteen and walking the isles of Wal-Mart with may allowance money. However, I don't have enough for the cassette so I buy the single for Teen Angst. I like the cover with the fried egg on it. I take it home and listen to Teen Angst, and then flip it over to the b-side. Through the speakers of my ancient, falling apart stereo comes the most incredible song I had ever heard. "Miss Mary won't you please come home from China", I can still hear it today, as clearly as I did then. "Mary" was so simple and clean, it echoed through my room. They was it had been record made it seem almost live, and they the words fit together made a thirteen year old feel alive.

A few months later I bought the full album, and Happy Birthday to me quickly became one of my least favorite songs, with Dr. Bernice becoming my obsession. I would sit back a daydream of Dr. Benice.

"Baby don't you drive around with Dr. Bernice. She's not a lady doctor at all. She's got hands like a man. With hair on the back. She'll crush you with her embrace."

Listen to: Happy Birthday to me (mp3)

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