Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Watch List

1. The Sapiens: Chicago's The Sapiens have a couple things going for them, first they live in a great music town, and second an interesting blend of a few different styles. They seem to blend 70's rock with the aggressive harder indie rockers like Bloc Party, while adding elements of electronic music. Their second Ep, Vs. The Hornet was released last year and can be purchased here. Listen to: Every Corner (mp3)
2. Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon: I thought I had made big time. I open up my e-mail, and there sits a message from Molly Shannon, or at least I thought it was Molly Shannon. The header reads Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon - What To Wear During An Orange Alert? I think why does Molly Shannon need Orange Alert. Upon opening the message I find out that Molly Shannon is also the name of a complex band from Seattle. Never dull, there music ranges from soft and minimal indie-folk to noise-filled and abrasive electronic recordings. Their debut album was released on January 1st and it is called YOU THINK YR THE DOCTOR, I THINK I'M THE SHERIFF. You can stream the album here, and hopefully we will be hearing more from Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon in the very near future. Listen to: Bianca Montale (mp3)
3. Eugene Francis Jnr: Kris Williams is Eugene Francis Jnr, although he is found the UK he claims to play a form of classic American music filtered through electronic sensibilities. On April 28th, his debut album, The Golden Beatle, will be released, and leading up that day Legion Records is making a song a week available to be purchased and downloaded. Listen to: Poor Me (mp3)

1. Off Beat Pulp Issue 1: This is an incredible debut, but I hope they didn't put everything they had into one issue. I'm just saying it seems like it may be hard to top, and it is a little challenging to make it though each item in the issue. However, the presentation is top notch, and unlike anything I seen on the web. They publish short fiction, poetry, art, editorial, photo essays, and so on.
2. "To Know Nothing at All" by Max Youngquist: A story of small innocence and the pressures of friendship.
3. "You Don't Support Me In My Writing" by Tyler Smith: It maybe a rant, but it is so true.
4. "In Crawling Place" by Jill Summers: After hearing some read their work you almost hear their voice read each new piece. I love the humor that Jill is able to incorporate into her stories.
5. Two Poems from Doug Draime: Two great pieces from a legend.

1. Paul Hornschemeier "The Three Paradoxes ": "intricate and complex autobiographical comic" I've been trying to get into the world of comics, so why not start with a Chicagoan! $14.95
2. Tic Tac Toe Toast - Who said you shouldn't play with your food? $4.95

1. The New Issue of Blanket Magazine: Redesigned for the new year and better then ever.
2. A free "I Am Loved" button from Helzberg Diamonds. I love buttons.
3. MP3 Goodies: George Pringle - We Could Have Been Heroes (link) and Otic Angst - Need That Love (mp3)

1. Eugene Francis Jnr video for Poor Me
2. Brand new video from The Terrordactlys: Devices

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