Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Watch List

1. The Dodos - San Francisco guitar-n-drum duo The Dodos have announced their signing to New York label Frenchkiss Records, home to Les Savy Fav, Thunderbirds are Now!, and The Big Sleep. The band is set to release Visitor, its follow-up to 2006’s self-financed Beware of the Maniacs, on March 18th, 2008. Listen to: Fools (mp3)
2.George Pringle - Well her full name is Georgia Pringle, and she is a complex young lady. Mixing style of James Murphy and the rhythmic social commentary of Allen Ginsberg, the world is calling this "lit-hop". I call it aimless rambling over creative yet just as aimless beats. However, this London girl simply has that quality that makes you want to stop and listen. Listen to: Carte Postale (mp3)
3. Tiger Saw - Tiger Saw is a musical collective founded in Newburyport, MA in 1999 by Dylan Metrano. It is an ever-changing group of friends, whose ranks can vary to form a hushed duet or fifteen-person orchestra incorporating piano, cello, horns, percussion, and a small choir. Their simple, heartfelt songs celebrate friendship, community, the beauty of everyday life, and love in all its forms. Tiger Saw is recording it’s fifth album, Paper Birdz, with engineer Djim Reynolds. The record finds them further exploring the “basement soul” sound that they first hinted at with Tigers on Fire. The songs on Paper Birdz are meditations on blood, birds, and transformation, and feature re-workings of the spiritual ‘Sinner Man’ (popularized by Nina Simone and the Wailers) and Pharoah Sanders’ ‘Japan’, a Tiger Saw live staple. Listen to: Tiger on Fire (mp3) and Ok (mp3) from their 4/07 release with the sames name.

1. "Three Proofs" by Jane Wong - What an interesting way to dissect relationships.
2. "hammer & keyboard" by Rob Plath - It's all about release.
3. "Geometrics" by B.J. Hollars - Any time a story contains the phrase "The parallelogram is a quadrilateral" my mouth starts to water. I don't know why.
4. "Parking" by Lauren Pretnar - As story of everyday life.

1.TNT Teas - This time of year I seem to drink more coffee then any other season, but I also enjoy a nightly cup of tea. These Australian Teas look so interesting, but they seem to only be available in Australia.
2. Diesel Sweeties' Red Robot Socks - I'm not sure I would wear Knee socks, but robots are cool. $6.99

1. It's a new month and a that brings a new four part release from Blanket Magazine. You have to wait until Release 4 for Paul Blow, but the first release is now available.
2. Ruis is a Belgian/Dutch monthly that focuses on the margins of pop music. You can download their December issue now.

2. Sole and The Skyrider Band "Stupid Things Implode On Themselves" - In the future after a societal collapse, America is reduced to a feudal dystopia. The story focuses on a group of people clinging to life in a small outpost in the desert.
3. Love the "The Puffy Chair"
4. Encore: Yea Big & Kid Static "Static Leads The Coup"

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