Sunday, December 09, 2007

Orange Alert's Music Minute

Guilty pleasure, sure, but Louis XIV is fun in a middle school sort of way. On January 29, 2008, Louis XIV will release their second full-length album Slick Dogs and Ponies on Atlantic Records. It's been almost three years since their debut The Best Little Secrets Are Kept, and on their self-produced follow-up the San Diego quartet explore new sonic terrain. The debut single, "Guilt By Association", is an example of classic Louis XIV neo-glam: catchy, playful taunts over a scratchy dance-punk track, declaring "You don't have to do the crime to serve the time". It's not all vintage Louis XIV, however. As front man Jason Hill explains, "The minute people think they have you pegged, you have to try something new.” Listen to: Guilt by Association (mp3)

The Raveonettes have a lot going on right now, as they prepare for the February release of their Vice Records debut Lust Lust Lust. From the performing in the back of a London taxi to releasing a brand new video for "Dead Sounds" from the new album. Listen to: Aly, Walk With Me (mp3) from Lust Lust Lust

Amplive is an incredibly busy dude. The Oakland-based DJ/producer spent the past decade grinding with Bay Area royalty as one half of Zion I, making a hefty name for himself in the production community with behind-the-boards credits on records from Akon, Kafani, Keek Da Sneak, Goaepele and Talib Kweli to prove it. But Live has been up to some of his most genuinely impressive work in ‘07.

Maybe you heard? Two months ago a little band called Radiohead turned the music industry on its ear when they announced the pay-what-you-want, digital-only release of their sixth LP, In Rainbows. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Amplive decided to pick apart the most buzzed about record of the year, immersed himself in the ten tracks, dissecting every second, breaking the work of Thom Yorke and company down to its rhythmic core. The result is Rainydayz Remixes, an eight-song collection of reworked tracks that each serves as its own testament to Amplive’s ability as a versatile producer with an uncanny ear for timing and texture. Listen to: Nude (Amplive Remix ft. Too Short & Zion) (mp3)

Their debut album was released back in August, and this group is incredible talented. The self-titled debut is an incredible example of indie rock at its finest. This past week they were featured over at Daytrotter. Listen to: Goldie Hawn (mp3)

The Peel Back: Television "Television" (1992)
Not being old enough to remember or be aware of Television's first two albums, my first exposure to them was their reunion release 14 years later. This self-titled album struck a chord with me, specifically the stark melody and black and white video for "Call Mr. Lee". I was entranced enough to look back at what I had missed. With two releases in two years in the late 70's Television was celebrated, but mysterious. Their 1992 reunion released answered some questions, and wrapped up their legend nicely.
1880 Or So/Shane, She Wrote This/In World/Call Mr. Lee (mp3)/Rhyme/No Glamour for Willi/Beauty Trip/The Rocket/This Tune/Mars

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