Sunday, December 23, 2007

Top Albums of 2007 (pt. 5)

10. Throw Me The Statue - Moonbeams (6/07) Listen to: About To Walk (mp3) I know that Secrectly Canadian is rereleasing this album in February '08, but it was available for several months on Baskerville Hill. Scott Reitherman creates hybrid pop by combining electronic, lo-fi recording, and straight-up brilliant melodies and lyrics. His music is so pure and familiar yet unique and irresistable.

9. Dinosaur Jr. - Beyond (4/07) Listen to: Pick Me Up (mp3) Return to form, or did J never lose his true form?

8. Sexton Blake - Plays The Hits! (7/07) Listen to: Bette Davis Eyes (mp3) A cover album in the 10 top! Yes, it is that good.

7. Black Before Red - Belgrave to Kings Circle (8/07) Listen to: Goddess in Trauma (mp3) I could listen to their harmonies all day long.

6. Yea Big & Kid Static - Yea Big & Kid Static (10/07) Listen to: The Life Here (mp3) Honestly, the most complete hip-hop album in the last few years.

5. Page France - ... And The Telephone (5/07) Listen to: Mr. Violin and The Dancing Bear (mp3) Michael Nau does it again, spinning riddles into puzzles, struggling and trusting at every turn, but keeping the listening memorized with his complex stories.

4. Jens Lekman - Night Falls Over Kortedala (10/07) Listen to: Postcards to Nina (mp3) Some have said this is not his best work, but I tend to disagree. Pop tunes with a magical crooner, what could be better?

3. Papercuts - Can't Go Back (2/07) Listen to: Dear Employee (mp3)

2. Canon Blue - Colonies (10/07) Listen to: Pilguin Pop (mp3) Daniel James has released an honest album filled with electronic pop/folk music.

1. Bowerbirds - Hymns for the Dark Horse (8/07) Listen to: Bur Oak (mp3) An adventure into the deep woods and back.

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Brendan Losch said...

Nice picks, I am a big fan of Bowerbirds as well.