Saturday, December 22, 2007

Top 10 Ep's of 2007

This year seemed to be a great year for the Ep, whether it was a new band testing the waters or the more experienced tiding us over the Ep's were plentiful.

10. Loose Lips Sink Ships - EP 1 Listen to: No. 1 (mp3)

9. Grizzly Bear - Friend Listen to: Knife (Covered by CSS) (mp3)

8. Wild Sweet Orange - The Whale Listen to: Wrestle With God (mp3)

7. Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele - A Brush With Velvet (free download) Listen to: Meet Me in the Garden (mp3)

6. LoveLikeFire - An Ocean in the Air Listen to: Unlighted Shadow (mp3)

5. Canon Blue - Halcyon (free download) Listen to: Halcyon (mp3)

4. Venna - Venna Listen to: Eulogy (mp3)

3. Illinois - What the hell do I know? Listen to: Screendoor (mp3)

2. The Vandelles - The Vandelles Listen to: Lovely Weather (mp3)

1. (me)shach Jackson - Expirements in Drowning Listen to: Smile (mp3)

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