Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Watch List

1. Friendly Fires - UK dance rock is what these three lads are all about. Releasing their debut Ep "Photobooth" on People in Sky Records last year, the band is now set release their follow-up remix ep this Monday (in the UK only, sorry). Listen to: Photobooth (Mock & Toof Mix) (mp3)
2. Virgin Forest - Beautiful, organic and flowing music from Brooklyn of all places. This band is giving away the debut LP on their myspace page via download or mail if you send them your address. Listen to: At the End of the Day (mp3)
3. .tape. - Spain is home to these creators of gentle ambient music, perfect after a hectic day. Their latest single, FAR AWAY 7", comes out at the end of the month. Listen to: You've Bought a Minicity Free of Plastic Squirrels (mp3)

1. "Secret Wives" by Matt Rittenhouse - I found this over at Alice Blue, and almost didn't post it. I didn't want the wife to get the wrong impression.
2. "Death of an Outlaw" by Noah Cicero - This is the first chapter of Burning Babies, Noah's unpublished, but highly hyped novel. I've sent Noah a few interview questions, but I haven't heard back. Noah, if you're reading this, I may have had the wrong e-mail address. I would love to have you on the site. (orangealert31 at gmail dot com)
3. "Rotten Like The Gutter" by Vanja Kovacic - Laura Hird is always a great place to find whatever you might be looking for. I really appreciate the manic feel of this piece.
4. "Death" by Jim Benz - I found this little collection of works from Jim Benz here, when you click on a link on this site it downloads into word. Although most of the files are poetry, "Death" is a short story about Jim's literal encounter with death manifested at his doorstep.

1. QUIDs - I wish I could get my hands on some space money, then I would all set to travel the universe. Well maybe I would to buy a space ship as well. - One Quid = $12.50
2. A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book - This book gives every blogger hope, and is a really cool concept. - $16.77

1. Calliope Nerve XIV: The Queen - Nobius Black is the creator and occasional contributor of Calliope Nerve. This issue features the work of past interviewee Zachary C. Bush and feature interviewee Jim Benz. However it is only available via e-mail.
2. twohundredby200 Issue #28 - Exceptional art work and design in this issue!

1. Lucky Man, Inc. presents: Free Lucky Man Hugs Chicago
2. "This is gonna be weird" was all Jimmy Kimmel could managed to say as 5 celebrity impersonators took the stage to do their thing while Justice played "D.A.N.C.E.". Check it out.
3. The Cansecos - Juices! (coming November 20, 2007)

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Great blog.

Thanks for the plug and I'll definitely check out the the Benz poems.