Sunday, October 14, 2007

Orange Alert's Music Minute

The Baltimore duo of Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand, otherwise known as Beach House, have completed their second album, Devotion. It will see the light of day on Feb. 26, 2008 via Carpark Records, which also released the band's self-titled and critically acclaimed debut album way back in Oct. 2006. The band has spent most of 2007 on tour, with pals like Grizzly Bear, The Papercuts and The Clientele. The band is currently wrapping up its last US tour of 2007 and then will be heading to Europe (where they recently signed to Bella Union) from Oct. 18 to Nov. 16.

Beach House - Devotion
1.Wedding Bells
2.You Came To Me
4.Turtle Island
5.Holy Dances
6.All The Years
7.Heart Of Chamber
8.Some Things Last A Long Time (Daniel Johnston cover)
10.Home Again

Why? will release two unique Ep's next month (11/19), one will be released in the US on Anticon and one will be released in the UK on Tomlab. These are both in preparation of their new LP, Alopecia, due March of 2008.
A1. The Hollows
A2. By Torpedo Or Crohn's (a remix by Dntel)
B1. Yoyo Bye Bye (a cover by Xiu Xiu)
B2. Pre-teen Apocalyptic Film Acting (Medley) (a cover by Half-handed Cloud)

A1. The Hollows
A2. Good Friday (a remix by Boards of Canada)
B1. Yoyo Bye Bye (a cover by Dump)
B2. Broken Crow (a cover by Islands)

With the CMJ Music Marathon just around the corner, Insound & CMj have decide to give everyone a taste of the bands that will be at this years festival. With such an incredible line-up, do not pass up this free sampler. The line-up seems endless and packed with quality, but a few of my favorites are Bowerbirds, A Place to Bury a Stranger, Islands, Dataroc, Bon Iver, A-Track, Blue Scholars, Cadence Weapon, Ghostland Observatory, Cotton Jones Basket Ride, and many many more!

Just when you thought the book was closed on the Beasties mashups, Gabe Durham of Gather Round Children, posts a terrific mashup album feature none other the Beastie Boys. The album contains many other artists as well, including Shapes and Sizes, Sufjan Stevens, Of Montreal, and of course the Beatles. The album is called For the Beasties in the Burroughs, For the Beatles in Britain, and can be downloaded here for free. Listen to: How We Gonna Kick it? With a Mandolin, Fiddle, and Guitar (mp3)

The Peel Back: Ned's Atomic Dustbin "Godfodder" (1991)

I keep finding myself returning to 1991, I don't know what it was about that year, but was perfect for the music fan. I never actually did it, but I can clearly remember bouncing around my room chanting "Kill Your Television". Ned's Atomic Dustbin's debut album was driving, aggressive, yet still maintained a pop appeal and a very danceable element. This album was quite unique, yet very fitting for the time period.

Ned's Atomic Dustbin "Godfodder"
Kill Your Television (mp3)/Less Than Useful/Selfish/Grey Cell Green(mp3)/Cut Up/Throwing Things (mp3)/Capital Letters/Happy/Your Complex/Nothing Like/Until You Find Out You/What Gives My Son?

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