Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Watch List

1. Teeth Mountain - Possibly the most annoying myspace background around, but this Maryland band allows you to look beyond those pulsing colors and find a quality sound. Listen to: Ghost Mountain (mp3)
2. Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele - Dent May walks the line between brilliant and absurd, but he seems to be having fun in the meantime. He claims to be releasing a free ep in the near future, so stay tuned.
3. "Awesome" - As they prepare to release their 2nd album, this Seattle Band only hopes to live up to their name. So far so good. Listen to: Telephone (mp3)

1. "Rodger Starts an Omelet" by David Gray - Short, but incredibly interesting piece of flash fiction from Johnny America.
2. "A Television Abortion" by Dave De Fina - I found this over at Lamination Colony, journal run by the remarkable Blake Bulter.
3. The latest Featherproof mini-books, "My Father's Hands" by Mary Cross and "Every Night is Bluegrass Night" by Orange Alert alumni Tobias Carroll.


1. Dance Shoes - Not actually for sale, but a great concept for the Daddy/Daughter Dance scene.

2. "Ick: The Game" - Wonderfully illustrated by Michael Slack, Ick is a "superfun and lightning-quick card game of gooey worms, toxic slime, and bug-eyed beasties". - $15.95

3. "Name That Republican" - While you are over at Chronicle Books for Ick: The Game, you should check out "Name That Republican". This game includes 50 playing card, with facts and questions, and a few other item. - $9.95

1. ILUSTRE! #4 September/2007 - They consider themselves a illustration poster magazine. It is just page after page of very cool images. Also Dustin Parker is on the cover! They offer a lover quality viewer copy but, you can also get a printing copy.

2. CRU A #10 - This one is not in english, but it contains some wonderful photography.


1. Architecture In Helsinki's brand new video for "Debbie"
2. A little more from the mysterious Puscifer... "Smell It?"
3. CCLaP Podcast: Jason Pettus started throwing podcasts on youtube over the summer, and seems to focus on the creative side of Chicago. He has interviewed several influential Chicagoans, including Jonathan Messinger (author of Hiding Out).


Jason Pettus said...

Hey, glad you're liking the podcast! I'm putting up a new episode today, in fact, a field report from the latest fun Chicago literary event "Reading Under the Influence," which this month just happened to feature Messinger as well. (Plus, he and I will be doing a half-hour all-audio talk later this fall too, after he gets back from his tour.) I encourage you and all your readers to come by the main site whenever they want, at


hey jason: thanks for the link to dave's story. this blog is a trove.

Dent May said...

hey, i finished my e.p. 2 links to the free download on my myspace site: