Sunday, October 07, 2007

Orange Alert's Music Minute

It has been four years since The Forms released their critically acclaimed debut Icarus. However, their self-titled follow-up only took 50 days to record. The record, out October 23rd, was recorded here in Illinois with the legendary Steve Albini. The band also recently participated in Stereogum's genius R.E.M. Tribute "Drive XV" by covering "Ignoreland". Listen to: Knowledge in Hand (mp3)

Released just two weeks ago, Colonies, is already receiving a tremendous amount of positive reviews from the some of the biggest blogs. Check it out: Who Needs Radio?, 3Hive, I Guess I'm Floating, New Noise Net, and The Quaint Space. Congrats Dan, all of this is extremely well deserved! Your dedication to the sound and album is finally starting to spread. To revist my interview with Canon Blue from back in July, go here. Listen to: Pilguin Pop (mp3) and Odds and Ends (mp3)

"Radiohead have made a record." That is what you read when you visit their in rainbows website, they also tell you that it can be preordered in two formats "discbox and download". If you preorder the downloadable version, and go to view your "basket" you see two empty boxes where the price should be. Basically you can set your own price or not pay anything at all. What a fascinating concept, is this the future of digital music? The bands make very little money from the albums anyway, and this maybe a solution to the illegal downloading of albums. Fans who want the physical product can still purchase the CD, but the casual fan can go with mp3's. After listening to the mp3's that fan may be more likely to attend a concert or buy the next album. This is truly the future of the industry.

The day before Halloween Nicole Atkins will release a hauntingly beautiful album entitled Neptune City. The scariest aspect of Nicole's music is her incredible range of styles. This album is at times vaudevillian, at others psychedelic; a little bit country, with a cabaret flair, but at it's core melodic tribute to her past mixed with a longing glance into her future. Listen to: Party's Over (mp3)

The Peel Back: Violent Femmes "Why Do Birds Sing?"

"Can, Can I put in something like this is American Music, take 1... 1, 2, 3, 4!"

And with that the Violent Femmes 5th studio album erupts at a pace and sound that is completely and uniquely Femmes. The year was 1991, and "American Music" should have a pop hit that year , but EMF and Jesus Jones had that area covered. Then there was Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Mudhoney exploding in Seattle, and Wisconsin was simply not the place to be. However, after eight years of attempts, the Violent Femmes had finally made an album that rivaled their 1983 debut.

Why Do Birds Sing? (1991, Reprise)
American Music (mp3)/Out The Window/Look Like That/Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (mp3)/Hey Nonny Nonny/Used To Be/Girl Trouble (mp3)/He Likes Me/Life Is A Scream/Flamingo Baby/Lack Of Knowledge/More Money Tonight/I'm Free

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