Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Watch List

1. The Wet Secrets - Edmonton, Alberta CA is where The Wet Secrets hide. Lyle Bell of Shout Out Out Out Out and and Trevor Anderson of The Vertical Struts form this side project back in 2005. Now the set to independently release a new album this fall that will feature remixes from Cadence Weapon. They are billed as Edmonton's Raunchiest Band, check them out for yourself. Listen to: Secret March (mp3)
2. Gillan Edgar - A British-based, Scottish-voiced troubadour/songsmith, really what more do you need to know.
3. Plushgun - Dan Ingala is 23 years-old and from NYC, he claims to be indie-electro-licious, and I can't say I disagree. This is bedroom composition at its finest! Listen to: Just Impossible (mp3)

1. "Remember Those Bicycles You Left At My House?" by Nick Ostdick - It reads like a letter from an ex who really doesn't care how you feel about the break, and is secretly trying to rub your face in it. (If you weren't aware, you can see Nick tonight at Quimby's. Click here for details!)
2. Diode Issue #1 - "Enter diode, teeming with 'poetry that excites and energizes. . . .poetry that uses language that crackles and sparks.' We set out to find poetry that creates an arc between writer and reader, an arc that hums with the live current of language."
3. "Company ponders the possibilities surrounding switching sides in the War on Terrorism" by Matt Carmichael - I think the title says it all.
4. "I was a Preteen Nightmare" by Jill Summer - I just read this on recommendation from Nick Ostdick, and he did not stear me wrong. I sometime worry about linking to THE2HAND too often, but I just can't help it they continously deliver the goods.

1. The Free Ride Pen - Designed by Jean Pierre Lepine, this pen is beautiful. $152
2. Mr. Coffee's MRX35 - Redesign for the anniversary this is the maker of the future! You can see a picture here. $75

1. Bdbbdb Issue #1 "Stands"- This is the first issue of a nice little lit zine from Chicago put together by Diego Leclery.
2. Artzmania Art Crimes Special Edition - Graffiti has a rich history and is well represented in this special issue of Artzmania.
3. Do it Your Mole - You can never have enough mole's... mice that's another story. Go, download, cut, fold, bend, rip! Mole it!

1. Battles "Tonto" - This is really this first at Battles soon to be released album Tonto+ Ep.
2. "About a Son" movie trailer - I was never a Nirvana fan, but I would be lying if I said this did not look good.
3. Dinosaur Literary Corner - Ben this is money, this should be an ongoing series. I would love to see more of the dinosaurs reviews. (If you weren't aware, you can see Ben Tanzer tonight at Quimby's. Click here for details!)


Ben said...

And Jason you know I would do anything for you, "What to Wear...," and Dan. There will be more Dinosaur Literary Corner episodes to come, for sure - watch your local Lucky Man channel listings for times and showings. Meanwhile, stay tuned for the new Lucky Man on the street Infomercial which will be out of post-production shortly. Thanks for all of the support and great meeting you guys in person last night. You're both quite handsome.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for mentioning bdbbdb!

Jason said...

Diego, no problem. Keep up the fine work. I look forward to the issue on "TWO"

The next installment is on TWO, not just the number but the idea (building/destroying, knowledge/ignorance, poMo/Mo, etc.)
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