Sunday, September 23, 2007

Orange Alert's Music Minute

I love to see Chicago music get hyped in a big way, and this past week I received an e-mail regarding one of my favorite Chicago duos. Here is the opening: "Hip Hop tag team featuring Mae-Shi-mash-upper Yea Big and professional-stuntman-by-day Kid Static to release debut album of “retro-futuristic” comic book beats and rhymes". These two are bringing back the fun, energetic hip-hop, but can still battle when needed. Fans of Ugly Duckling, Blue Scholars, and Glue take note... here comes Yea Big and Kid Static! Listen to: Run to the Facts (mp3) and Duck, Mother F***ers! (mp3)

I am a little scared, but then again I scare easily. Sightings sound is forceful and brewed in a dark place most humans are afraid to travel. "Bass, drum and guitars meshed together with a synthetic twine envisioned in future think tanks. Literally the sound of human progress darkened with a profound fidelity so loud the dark matter of the universe quivers in a deadly orgasm. Guitar, bass and drums reconfigured for a new purpose." Listen to: Perforated (mp3)

Friend EP - out November 5th (6th in US) - contains a lush, dramatic and varied collection of songs and collaborations. Material from both previous Grizzly Bear albums has been reworked & covered by several stars of the international alternative scene - including CSS, Band of Horses and Atlas Sound (aka Deerhunter). Beirut and The Dirty Projectors also bring extra vocals to the already powerful choral force. In addition to collaborations there's also new songs by Grizzly Bear, and even the band's version of a song by 60's group The Crystals. Friend EP Tracklisting You can preview the first track on the EP over at Stereogum.

Part confessional. Part dance party. It's never quite clear what Innerpartysystem offers their listeners. The keen observer will allow themselves to be drawn in by the anxious beats, pensive blips and ominous thrashing tones while, lyrically, the band entangles you in sordid narratives with themes of lust, drugs, heresy, honesty, love and the insatiable pursuits of the darkest night life. Sometimes the result is numbing and ominous, sometimes it's nervous and twisted, sometimes mindless and danceable, however, Innerpartysystem are always subtly challenging. Join the party today, the The Download EP is now available on itunes. Listen to: Don't Stop (mp3)

The Peel Back: Lush "Spooky"

The year was 1992, and I was a young kid living in the Chicago Suburbs without cable but with an interest in music. One night I stumble across a locally produced show, on I believe channel 66 at the time, called JBTV. Jerry Bryant quickly became my main source for new music, but it was one night in particular that Jerry played this video with an enchanting girl with fire red hair floating in what appeared to be water. Her hair moved and flowed as the music swilled and echoed in a way that I had not heard before. I had just been introduced to shoegazing, but I did not realize that until later. I never really got too into the movement, but I never forgot Lush.


Stray/Nothing Natural (mp3)/Tiny Smiles/Covert/Ocean (mp3)/For Love/Superblast! (mp3)/Untogether/Fantasy/Take/Laura/Monochrome

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Yea Big + Kid Static 4 P r e Z

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