Sunday, September 09, 2007

Orange Alert's Music Minute

Who is Dawn Landes? Well, she came from Kentucky and she lives in NY and she’s been performing and recording with the musicians from Hem and The Earlies. She’s supported José Gonzalez, Suzanne Vega, Shannon Wright, Feist, Le Tigre and Andrew Bird. Oh, and she’s also a sound engineer—she’s already had the opportunity to record musicians like Philip Glass, Ryan Adams and Joseph Arthur. Dawn is currently on tour with Midlake. Her first formal release, Fireproof, will be released early 2008 (on Cooking Vinyl in the U.S. and Fargo in Europe), but in the meantime, we’ve got a track for you off of her self-released album, Dawn’s Music. Listen to: Suspicion (mp3) and Young Folks (PBJ Cover)(mp3)

When you are first starting out in the business it is important to have someone who respects and believes in what you are doing. Not everyone can find someone like that, but Willie Evans Jr. (aka Niam) has found Mr. Lif. In fact Niam recently put together a remix album for Mik and Akrobatik entitled Black Mega. He also released his first official solo album this month with the help of Rawkus Records. "Communication" is a digital album that can be purchased through his myspace page. Listen to: Communication (mp3) from Black Mega

Bob Cronin has long been my favorite "masher" or bootlegger or Dj or whatever you want to call what he does. He has been perfecting his blending skills for many years, and never ceases to amazing me with his new and inventive combinations. One of his latest mash-ups mixes 7L & Esoteric and Hott Butter, "Hott and Dumb" (mp3). Next month, BC will his first official album entitled "Strictly Mixed and Mashed" on Fork in Hand Records. Here is the info: DJ BC, the creator of the mashup albums THE BEASTLES, WU ORLEANS and GLASSBREAKS teams up with Boston's WARPED TOUR veterans, the ska/punk/reggae rockers BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE to produce a full-length electro/reggae/punk/dancehall stomper of a record. 17 dope Big D remixes, dub cuts and mashups featuring the rhymes of WAYNE & WAX, with sun-drenched guest spots from RAW RAW and RASHORNE FOSTER. Plus an entire bonus disc of instrumentals, accapellas and more! FALL 2007 from FORK IN HAND RECORDS- don't sleep on this historic release!

This past week Daytrotter posted and session with one my favorite new bands of 2007, Yeasayer. This band is set to release their debut album "All Hour Cymbals" next month, and it appears that their goal is to personify all of the fears and doubts about the future of the world and civilization as we know it. Their debut single, 2080, takes place on January 1st, 2080 and it paints a dark ominous picture. It seems they have watched Children of Men one too many times. The bands sound is incredible rhythmic, echoing, full and graceful. Each of the four song from that Daytrotter session are perfect, and leave us all anticipating the October release. Listen to: Wait for Summer (Live from Daytrotter) (mp3)

The Peel Back: Consolidated "Play More Music"
Consolidated has always been had to define musically, but that is mostly because music is not their main focus. Musically this album was definitely a transition for them from more industrial roots to a more hip-hop influenced style. Yet, they have always been about the message, and in 1992 they had a lot to say. This album touches on gun control, racism, animal right, women's right, big business, no one is spared. In fact, their biggest downfall was always the over abundance of political jargon. Through out this album the insert small clips of people at their shows telling to shut-up and play more music. After this album Consolidated took a substantial break after this album and never fully returned in style in or content. It was this album that carried me through high school, and a lot of the words still ring true today. Listen to: Tool & Die (mp3) and A Day on the Green (mp3) and Veggie Beat Manifesto (mp3)

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