Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Watch List


1. The Golden Isle - Will Cone creates music is his apartment in Seattle, WA. Last year he independently released an album entitled "Climb a Library Self" which will be the first of three albums. "This here is fred rogers inspired ascot rock". Listen to: Look Hard (mp3) and Going Back (mp3)
2. Clockclean Er - Welcome to Clockclean Er. The group has released a 12" ep , two singles and one full length lp. They have played 137 shows. They have toured four times in the US. They have several friends. More enemies. They are fine with that, all of it. It is now 2007. They have a second full length LP, Babylon Rules, out Oct. 2 on Load Records. They were named "the most hated band in Philly" by the Philadelphia Weekly just last week. This music is almost painful, but there is also a certain amount of pleasure. Listen to: Vomiting Mirrors (mp3)
3. Amasser - Written, programmed, performed and otherwise compiled in various locales across the upper/western United States, legal wall proved an exercise in exorcising the perfectionism of its creators. the goal was always to arrive at structured songs, but most of the sounds discovered during the process were more or less spontaneous. amassing tracks in this way – following instinct and curiosity – meant committing to a moment's vitality. As a result, legal wall eschews autobiography and celebrates other trajectories: beyond one composer, beyond one music, beyond one debate. More than merely celebrating them, it follows these trajectories, to the point that listening to legal wall becomes a reminder to constantly question what one hears. with all of us – all the time – policing the legal wall, amasser believes that reminder is important. Listen to: Cranium Posse (mp3) and Green Like the Sky (mp3)

1. "Flat Mindy" by Patrick Sommerville - Featherproof books has a series of free mini-books that you can print and fold. This is the latest, just released this week.
2. "Mouse" by Kiara Brinkman - I really love the way this story weaves in and out of past and present realities.
3. "Don't Go Back To Bridgeport" by Spencer Dew - On Saturday, July 21st, Chicago police shut down the Poetry Foundation's Printer's Ball event at the Zhou Brothers art space. I wish I had been there to witness some of this.

1. Pretty:Darn:Swell is closing it's doors after 2 years of offering quality prints and supporting worthy charities. Stop by and grab one last print. - $20
2. The Lunch Break Book - Place your order now, the book is at the printers. It features poetry from David Barker, Wayne Mason, Karl Koweski, Zachary C. Bush, and among other Miles J. Bell. The funny thing about Miles J. Bell is he is one of the only writers that I have contacted that did not return my e-mail. I think I may have had an old e-mail address, so Miles if your are reading this I love your work and I have some questions for you... e-mail me! - $10
3. The Ok Go Flipbook - Guilty pleasure maybe, but I love Ok Go! - $10

1. Castle Issue #11 - 128 pages of art, illustration, and design for free.
2. Design & Life Issue #6 - / Vitra Edition / Uniqlo / UT / Onitsuka Tiger / Sneakers / MUJI NY / BrenB / Ireland / Designer / Illustrator / Oliver Jeffers / Daydream Alva Noto / Ryuichi Sakamoto / Mop / Organic / nature / Matsuyama / handsoap / Amadana / Shuwa Tei / Tuna salad / egg salad / Hotels Homes / FREE

1. The new video from Connecticut's Magik Markers "Taste"
2. The Ben Tanzer/Lucky Man viral campaign continues here and here. Ben is encouraging everyone to make their own video and spread the love. So break out your books and your cameras and post your links in the comments section. If you don't own Lucky Man go here, it will change your life!
3. Ben Frost scares me, but I just can't get enough!

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