Sunday, August 26, 2007

Orange Alert's Music Minute

This New York band recently self-released an incredible debut album entitled " Are you ready for the Heartbreak Cause Here it Comes". Their music is fun, infectious, and really well put together. This album rips through 12 tracks in 33 minutes, and moving every minute. Lead singer Jeremy Coleman reminds me a great deal of Matt Berninger from The National. It is a deep, but passionate delivery rolling over amped poppy baselines and roaring guitars. It is as if Matt Berninger sang for The Strokes. This is a great debut, and hopefully a sign of many good things to come from Murder Mystery. Currently the album can be purchased through Insound. Also be sure to check out the bands website. Listen to: Love Astronaut (mp3) and Honey Come Home (mp3)

Copperpot has been producing hip hop since 2000 when he joined The Phonograph Scientists, a Chicago-based turntable crew. Pot went solo in 2005 with his album Chapter 7 and soon after things got hot when The Chicago Reader ran a feature spotlighting his appearances on local projects from artists like Qwaazar (Typical Cats), Iomos Marad (All Natural) and several acclaimed 12” singles featuring local Chicago emcees paired with lyricists from London.

Now, with his new album, WYLA?, Pot has strayed from the bedroom producer style. Enter Matthew Lux, a member of the experimental group Isotope 217. Lux called upon a slew of artists from all over Chicago to help create WYLA?, most notably Jeff Parker and Dan Bitney, members of supergroup Tortoise. WYLA? also features many notable guests, including hip hop legend KRS-One and MC Braintax. Listen to: Come Back Home ft. KRS-One (mp3) and Demo ft Braintax (mp3)

This Tuesday, San Francisco's LoveLikeFire will release their second Ep, "An Ocean in the Air", and they have produced some classic indie pop tunes. Lead Singer, Ann Yu, has a dynamite voice that seems to power straight through the guitars and keyboards that roar behind her. She creates these incredible melodies with strength and passion, while the guys (David Farrel, Ted Parker, and Robert Kissinger) support her perfectly to form a huge sound. You can pre-order their album today. Listen to: From a Tower (mp3) and unlighted Shadows (mp3)

Morrissey recently announced a new tour of the states starting next month. He will spend most of the tour in California and New York, but he will also visit NV, IL, UT, MI, and more. For the full tour details visit his official website.

The Peel Back: "Superhero Music" by Fingathing

It really is a unique combination, a turntablist and an upright bass player. Well, not to Peter Parker and Sneaky, they continue to play that style of music to this day. However, "Superhero Music" was released way back in 2002, but the skills and the melodies are still strong today. My favorite track on the album is Orge, it combines the orchestral elements while adapting to the turntable. The entire album is filled with sporadic samples and scratches, and it's a true treasure to own. Listen to: Orge (mp3) and Scrap (mp3)

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