Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Watch List

1. The Morning Benders - Dreamy-sixties-throwback-pop from Berkly, CA. If that is not enough for you listen to these. Damnit Anna (mp3) and Heavy Hearts (mp3) from their latest ep "Boarded Doors". They are currently unsigned, but don't expect that to last long.
2. The Lymbyc Systym - Gorgeious electronic waves of sound from this west cost duo. This is truly some of the best downtempo hip-hop that I have heard in a long time. Check out: Truth Skull (mp3) from their latest release on Mush Records.
3. Your Heart Breaks - Seattle, WA is home this great combo of Clyde & Karl Blau. You can buy their latest album here. Check out: Captain My Captain (mp3)

1. Miranda July's Promotional Site for the recent release (5/15/07) of "No One Belongs Here More Then You" - This is the result of a wildly creative writer, a dry erase marker, and kitchen appliances. It will revolutionize the way books are promoted!
2. Speaking of Miranda July, check out her recent interview with Khaela Maricich of The (now YACHT-less) Blow.
3. Love is a Thing on Sale for More Money Than There Exists by Tao Lin - Tao recently posted two of the short stories contained in his latest collection "Bed".

"This was the month that people began to suspect that terrorists had infiltrated Middle America, set up underground tunnels in the rural areas, like gophers. During any moment, it was feared, a terrorist might tunnel up into your house and replace your dog with something that resembled your dog but was actually a bomb. This was a new era in terrorism."

Yes, this is a must read!

1. Ric Stultz has designed three t-shirts for Heavy Tees, and all three look amazing! - $26
2. Amanda Oaks "Love Notes" - Amanda's latest chapbook is a handmade book of 30 love poems, and is really beautifully decorated with a vintage button and lace. - $8
3. Journey Under The Sea by R.A. Montgomery - As a kid I could not stop reading the Choose Your Adventure Books series. I think it would be fun go back as read some of those now. - $0.46
1. Lab Magazine #1 - This is a great new zine with interviews, art work, photos and more, and of course it is free.

1. An idiot manager being ejected from a minor league baseball game. I do love the grenade bit, though.
2. The Veils "Calliope" video - The is a quality song and an even better video!

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