Sunday, June 10, 2007

Orange Alert's Music Minute

1. Jona Bechtolt (aka YACHT) is leaving The Blow. Jona Bechtolt, whose production skills, instrumentation, and beats can be found on The Blow's albums Poor Aim: Love Songs and Paper Television will no longer be a member of the band, in the studio or on the road - he is leaving in order to concentrate all of his energy on his primary project, YACHT. The Blow will continue on as the project of Khaela Maricich. With this news, YACHT also deliveries some goodies: The Summer Song ft Claire L. Evans (mp3) and a video diary series of his adventures on the road.

2. Turzi signs to Kemado. French psych quintet Turzi has signed to the Kemado label for the US and will release its debut album, A, on September 4, they will also be touring the US in the Fall. The band has built a reputation as an enthralling and unique live band, often performing live improvisational scores to classic films like Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

The band has also curated a compilation titled Voyage: Facing the History of French Modern Psychedelic Music which fans will be able to download for free with the purchase of a physical copy of the Turzi album. The compilation features tracks from Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Etienne Jaumet, Sebastian Tellier, Chicros, Juan Trip and ten others.

Turzi is led by the eccentric Romain Turzi, born in Versailles in 1979, the product of a French mother and an Italian father from Calabria. Their is music rhythmically complex, and fluently mixes live instrumentation and sparse electronics. Personally, I don't have a lot of experience with modern psychedelic music, but I would compare their sound to some of the post punk bands of the late 70's and maybe more so to the Krautrock of the early 70's.

Check Out: Acid Taste (mp3)

For more on Turzi, including the ABC's of Turzi and to pre-order your copy of this inventive album visit the Kemado Website.

3. Anomaly releases new EP. This Chicago based electronic/hip-hop producer just released his third album on Chicago's SGE Records. "Mesa" is a progressive study in downtempo hip-hop that shows a tremendous amount of growth and maturity when compared to his previous two releases. To add to the overall effect of the release he enlisted artist Ric Stultz to design the cover and promotional flyer for the album. They release is absolutely worth the price ($8), and not to be slept on.

4. Five albums to get you through the Summer:
Justice "Cross" (2007) - This French duo is all about having fun and laying down some of the biggest beats around. This album comes later this month, and will have people dancing all summer long. Check Out: Genesis (mp3)

YACHT "I Believe in You. You Magic is Real" (2007) - Jona Bechtolt is quickly becoming one of my favorite musicians. With the release of his third album last month he has set the stage for a positive, fun-loving summer filled with great beats and sing-a-long choruses. Check Out: We're Always Waiting (mp3)

Black Moth Super Rainbow "Dandelion Gum" (2007) - Their music abounds with images of the summer haze and makes them swirl and float. Perfect for a lazy summer afternoon. Check Out: Sun Lips (mp3)

The Cool Kids "The Bake Sale" (2007) - Droppin' this summer is some of the best hip-hop to come of the this great state (Illinois) in a long time. Forget about Kayne and Lupe and even the almighty Twista, these two emcees are going to light it up! Then can be seen this summer at both Pitchfork and Lollapalooza. Check Out: Gold and Pagers (mp3)

Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory - "Tree colored See" (2006) - I know this is from last summer, but been listening to it a lot lately. This is perfect summer night music. When the talented DJ, Nobody decided to join forces with California band Mystic Chords of Memory it was truly a sublime combination. You should pull this out and revisit it tonight! Check Out: Decision, Decision (mp3) and Broaden A New Sound (mp3)

5. Lollapalooza Band of the Week: Aqueduct

Lo-fi bedroom musician and Tulsa native David Terry (a.k.a Aqueduct) will be taking his samples and keyboards and gathering so of his friends to hit the road this summer. He music is heartfelt and energetic, and sure to illuminate the festival this year. It February of this year that Aqueduct released his second full-length album "Or Give Me Death", Check Out: Keep it Together (mp3) and Wasted Energy (mp3).

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