Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Watch List

1. Wooden Nickle - The music of this Portland band slowly creeps up on you in the middle of the night, and then it crawls into your ear and makes a nest. They are currently in the studio working on a new LP.
2. Nicholas Colas - France is home to this amazing electro-folk musician.
3. Cage the Elephant - Raw energy straight from Kentucky, these boys were recently added to the Lollapalooza line-up and they are going to turn some heads!

1. "Friends from Cincinnati" by Patrick Sommerville - THE2NDHAND Installment 24 was released this week and it features a wonderful story by Chicago writer Patrick Sommerville.
2. "Death by Veganism" by Nina Planck - This is an Op-Ed piece written in response to the recent and tragic death of a 6 week old baby of vegan parents. I agree that an uneducated vegan parent can be dangerous, but I do not agree her argument in general.
3. Fader Issue #46 - This is their annual Icon/Photo issue and the lead focus is on Jerry Garcia, but don't let that discourage from reading the rest of this great issue. You can download it for free here.

1. "Flowers in The Shadow of the Storm" by Christopher Cunningham - This handmade, letterpressed, perfect-bound, hand-painted chapbook from Sunnyoutside Press was released on May 24th. There are only 100 copies being printed so act now. $18
2. Mr. Bean Pez - Back in 2003, the Pez Euro division released a Mr. Bean set of 4 pez dispensers. The set is now discontinued, but can be purchased on ebay. $9 each
3. Ragad #3 - This issue was just released (5/21) and features new work from Spencer Dew and Richard Grayson. Order your copy today by sending your payment to: Nick Ostdick/6112 Meyer Rd/Marengo, IL 60152. $2

1. Coroflot Magazine Issue #1 - This will be a bi-monthly publication featuring the members of Coroflot and based around a specific theme. Download the issue here for free.
2. 800zine - This two page zine fun and original and free. Check it out!

1. Lets take it way back watch MSTRKRFT - Street Justice, and then tell me what year it is.
2. The new video from Dan Deacon "The Crystal Cat", I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like this video.
3. The hit song of the summer should be the new single from Justice - "D.A.N.C.E.", check it out:

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christopher cunningham said...

thanks for the mention.

and I checked out that mag because of Garcia...;)