Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Watch List

1. Orion Rigel Dommisse - The Multi-instrumentist with a graceful voice has crafted some amazing songs. I believe we are still awaiting her debut, but I can't find a lot of info of her.
2. The Photo Atlas - Look out for this Denver-based dance-punk outfit who will be touring this summer with The Bravery. Check out: Handshake Heart Attack (mp3)
3. Vyle - The Westside of Chicago has done it again, you have to hear the beats and ryhmes of Vyle. Check Out: Vyle - She Was All Smiles (mp3)

1. Walking Near the Precipice by C.S. Reid - Published by Lily Press and it is a great little chapbook. His poem "Circumstances of War" is quite good.
2. A Call for Manner in the World of Nasty Blogs by Brad Stone - Let's keep it professional.
3. Mickey Hess has a new piece up over at THE2NDHAND, "In Every Magazine". Very funny stuff!

1. Sauerkids Popcling Wall Decals - These decals are 16in x 24in, and they are an interesting way to display art. $75
2. Liam Brazier has a new 36 page sketch book available for purchase entitled "Down in the Mouth". $8.03 (5.95 Euros)

1. Phase Magazine: This magazine is so visually appealing, I wish I had a color printer that would do it justice. This is their Spring Issue with the theme of "Play", and makes me forget it is snowing in Chicago. Download it for free.

1. Annuals' have started a month-long tour and video diary for their tour on purevolume. Each week they will upload a new video from the radio. Joining them on this mini tour are Blonde Redhead, but there are a few dates that include The Walkmen & Kaiser Chiefs. Check it out!
2. Take a look at Robert Hardgrave a.k.a. Farmerbob in action: