Sunday, April 15, 2007

Orange Alert's Music Minute

1. Have you heard the New Bjork single? She has returned to form, gone for now are the breathy moans and cries, this is straight in your face quality "Post" material. Check out: "Earth Intruders"

2. Daytrotter's Busy Week: I've loved the concept behind Daytrotter for quite sometime (great artists performing live), but it seems like they are really stepping it up as of late. This week they featured they most bands I've ever seen them have in one week:
Next week it only gets better with live sessions from Jolie Holland, The Littles Ones, Eef Barzelay (oh yeah!), and Peter & The Wolf. That is 8 amazing musicians in 14 days!

3. If haven't checked out Break Thru Radio (BTR) you are missing out. They provide an interesting mix of all type of independant music, and present it in a nice format. You have to hear Dj Jazzy Jeff's "Third Rail" show that was broadcasted on 4/10.

4. St. Vincent - Is preparing their July 10th release "Marry Me" on Beggars Banquet, and spring tour. Listen to this sample: St. Vincent - Now Now (mp3)

5. Lollapalooza has announced 86 of the 135 bands that will appear at Grant Park (Chicago, IL) August 3 - 5th. For more information and tickets visit the Lollapalooza website!