Thursday, February 01, 2007

Writer's Corner

Michael Jauchen

"What makes the man behind the counter at the costume shop dream of Peruvian women at night?"

This is the opening line of Michael Jauchen's intriguing short story "Stealth Roberts". Jauchen, a graduate of Wheaton College in Illinois, is currently working on his Ph. D. in Creative Writing at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. He has been published in The Kankakee Review, Megaera, and His poem "Go to Let Us Build a City and a Tower" was featured in the Fall 2006 Issue of The King's English.

Jauchen effortlessly switches between epic poetry and prose, really blurring the boundaries between the two. This style of writing is becoming more commonplace with younger writers, as the true definition of poetry grows increasingly vague, open, and free. The emphasis is now on the words, and not the structure of the verse or the specific style of writing. The point is to convey your thought, paint your picture of the world, and not to imitate a literary genius of the past.
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