Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Artist of the Week

Doug Boehm

Pennsylvania native and Taylor School of Art (Temple University) graduate, Doug Boehm is an amazing illustrator and designer. His work has been shown in group exhibits all over the country, most recently at The Ayden Gallery (British Columbia) and The Good Foot Gallery (Oregon). He considers himself an artist, illustrator, and designer. His illustrations have appeared in Rolling Stone, Time, Playboy, PC Magazine, and many others.

His personal work is so compelling, with the brilliant use of color and the unusual figures (apes, elephants, cat, etc.), that I have posted several of his pieces on this site. His professional work has a more defined style, but his personal touch show through in each piece. The details in the square faces of his creations are numerous, and fascinating to study. The layers of color showing through each painting look almost unfinished, but it only adds to the personality of the piece. If you want to see more of Doug's work, visit his website or flickr page. You can purchase some of his more reasonable priced prints at Thumbtack Press.