Friday, February 09, 2007

Band of the Week

My Brightest Diamond

Shara Worden is the heart and soul of My Brightest Diamond (MBD). Her powerful, yet sweet voice fills the room with beauty and passion, and you feel as though she was meant to do this from a young age. Actually, Shara was always meant to perform musically. Her parents were both musicians, and Shara has been taking piano lesson, singing in choirs, and even studing opera all her life. You can hear all of these influences and more in the echoing sounds of My Brightest Diamond.

Their debut album, "Bring Me The Workhorse", was released by Asthmatic Kitty on August 22, 2006, and the labels website had this to say: "Shara’s songwriting reconciles the high art of opera with the low-brow of the folk song by compounding them into a form that is both as sublime as it is pragmatic." In March, they will release the remix album "Tear It Down", featuring remixes from around the world. They will also be touring The Decemberists this spring.

Last Monday, Shara sat down with Sean Moeller of Daytrotter and gave them a great interview. She also recorded four live tracks that you can find here. For more information on MBD visit website.

Goldenstar (Alias Remix) (mp3)
Freak Out (Gold Chains Remix) (mp3)

Dragonfly (mp3)
Workhorse (mp3)