Sunday, January 21, 2007

Coffee Talk

The general public seems to understand symbols before concepts and philosophies. Symbols have long been used to convey ideas, rely messages, and warn of dangers. One of these symbols was recently in the news because a team of highly educated scientists felt the need to alert the public that there is a growing threat of nuclear war. Is this necessary or offensive?

The Doomsday Clock:

Since 1947 the board of director of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have maintain the clock from the offices at the University of Chicago. It is interesting to look through the historic reason why the clock has been adjusted, but what is the purpose?

Here is a great graph I found here, and you can find the source data there as well or you can go here to verify the moves.

The point of this symbol is to bring awareness of the many nuclear threats facing our nation, but how much can we value the perception of these threats when communicated by this group of individuals. Is it not our right to evaluate for ourselves the level of threat we are facing?

Talk amongst yourselves...