Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Release Tuesday:

I think everyone is waiting until 2007 to release new material, but there are a couple new releases this week:


We Will Build - This is Necessary (It's free, It's incredible, what are you waiting for, go get it!) Jerusalem (mp3)

Ghostface Killah - More Fish (mp3)

The Lovely Feathers - My Dear Best Friend Daniel (mp3)

Sonic Youth - The Destroyed Room (b-sides and rarities) (mp3)

Songs of Green Pheasant - Aerial Days


Barnyard (Go Kids!)

The Devils Wears Prada (I suppose Oprah wears Prada, but why do we care?)

Talladega Nights (Oh Will Ferrell, how great thou art!)

World Trade Center (Let's Roll!)