Friday, December 01, 2006

Band of the Week: Matt & Kim

This Brooklyn duo is on the rise, with Kim's solid drumming and Matt's fuzzy keyboard magic and vocals, and they are "loving" every minute. Party jams, fun-loving, messy music... call it what you will, this couple can rock. Matt & Kim meet two years ago at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and decided to start a relationship and a band in the order. The result is there self-titled debut that was released by iheartcomix on October 24th, and it is 29 minutes of non-stop energy.

Check Out the new video for Yea Yeah:

Matt & Kim will be appearing at the Abbey Pub in Chicago on December 21st.

Idolator (They were the biggest band in the world!)

Yea Yeah (mp3)
Ready Ok (mp3)
Ligthspeed (mp3)
No More Long Years (mp3)
Verbs Before Nouns (mp3)
Silver Tiles (mp3)
Blazing Dynamite (mp3)
5k (mp3)/(Video)

Visit them here.