Friday, December 15, 2006

Artist of the Week: Z-Trip

Legendary: so celebrated as to having taken on the nature of a legend (as defined by google).

Is it a stretch to call, the Phoenix native, Zach Sciacca (aka. Z-Trip) legendary? He has been spinning records for over 18 years, has opened for The Rolling Stones, and has refined what it means to be a DJ. He credits himself as being a pioneer in the "mashups" or as he calls them "Blends", but that is a very debatable credit. However, what is not debatable is his mix cd with DJ P in 2001, Uneasy Listening, has been one of the most downloaded mixes in history. Z-Trip recently made this entire mix available for download on his website. It comes in four parts, and it is truly incredible.
Part 1 (mp3) Part 2 (mp3) Part 3 (mp3) Part 4 (mp3)

Z-Trip's major label debut, Shifting Gears, came out on Hollywood Records in April 2005, and since then he has parted ways with the label. However, has remained active and just released a new mix cd called "Live at the Get Back Vol. 3" with Melo-D (of Beat Junkie fame) and others. You can only buy it at Z-Trip's store, but it is only $7. He is also putting the finishing touch on a new cd with Lateef the Truthspeaker and others called "Ahead of the Curve". He is also starting production on his next solo record, and recently got married. He is a busy man to say the least.

Run Run Run - Fade Into You (Z-Trip Mix) (mp3)

Watch this interview during last year "Shifting Gears" Tour:

Download Z-Trip's Live Mix on Power 106 from 8/06 (mp3)
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