Friday, November 17, 2006

Band of the Week: The Blow

"Big Buzz" lately around this duo, and it is 110% warranted. The Blow are a duo from Portland, OR, consisting of programmer Jona Bechtolt and singer Khaela Maricich. Their music is fun, bouncy and electronic. The lyrics are of love, but in an unusual way ("If something in the deli aisle/Makes you cry/You know I'll put my arms around you/And I'll walk you outside.") It is a perfect blend of big beats, handclaps, and perfectly sung melodies.

Forming in 2003, this is the duo's second full-length release and it is incredible start to finish. Get it now! Maricich said this in a great article in Fader this month: “When I’ve done production by myself it’s had a more rustic charm, open to a smaller slice of the population who can deal with lo-fi sounds. So I was like, here’s my chance to say something about the world, what’s it like to exist and how terrifying this place is.”

Watch: Parentheses

The Music:
Paper Television
Pile of Gold (mp3)
Parentheses (mp3)
The Big U (mp3)
The Long List of Girls (mp3)
Bonjour Juene Fille (mp3)
Babay (Eat a Critter, Feel It's Wrath) (mp3)
Eat Your Heart Up (mp3)
Pardon Me (mp3)
Fists Up (mp3)
True Affection (mp3)

Remixes and Bonus
Jet Ski Accidents (mp3)
Babay (Jab Micha Och Elle Remix) (mp3)
Hock It (YACHT Mix) (mp3)