Friday, November 10, 2006

Artist of the Week: Benoit Pioulard

"There will be no moment of silence when I die, only a moment of noise." from "Together & Dawn"

At age 22 Thomas Meluch has created a near masterpiece on his first official try. This Michigan born collector of noise is a perfect example of what can happen if stay up late a tinker around with found sounds and guitar loops. He is able to create lush soundscapes with household objects, echoes of nature, a hush scrambled voice, and passion. Benoit Pioulard (pronounced Ben-wah Pyo-lar) is one man beating pillows, taping microphones to coffee cans, and ripping x-rays. The result, well skatterbrain said it like this, "This is an incredible album full of songs that feel remarkably alive and some that feel near the brink of death. Precis grabs ahold of you and, depending on your state of mind, it can either pull you to the deepest depths of the ocean or throw you high up into the clouds". Thomas Meluch himself said this "I recorded pretty much this entire record [Precis] in the corner of my room. I have limited percussion, there are some kick drum noises some of which are me hitting pillows and treating it with effects and stuff". He enjoys the freedom of recording alone "that liberty is really important" to him.

Precis is one continous effort that expands and contracts with every minute of music.
Check it out these pieces:
Palimend (mp3)
Triggering Back (mp3)
Ash into the Sky (mp3)
Alan & Dawn (mp3)
Patter (mp3)
Ext. Leslie Park (mp3)

Also from the recently release "The Rorschach Suite" Moodgadget compliation
The Kids are Getting Younger (mp3) (excerpt)

For more on Benoit Pioular visit his website.
To buy Precis go to Kranky.