Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Watch List

1. The Mystery Books: A young band from Florida with a history that includes a video by Tao Lin. You can download their debut album Russia from for free.
2. Dead Pixels: A new band from very diverse backgrounds including Egypt, France, Denmark and the UK. Listen to: So You Say (mp3)
3. Soft Speaker: This Chicago band is currently recording their debut album, but they are playing a free show at the Empty Bottle on Dec. 29th.

1. Let's Drink Our Way Through Winter by Ted Powers: Something has to get us through winter.
2. Slide it across the floor with your foot by Becky Hunt: Birthdays can be tough.
3. Generation by Meagan Wilson: This has some unique visuals.
4. Insulate, Insulate by Martin Brick: A rapid description of an early mid-life crisis.
5. HAIRHEADLAND by Shane Jones: This seems to be Shane's attempt at writing a fairy tale, and what an enjoyable but strange attempt it is.
6. An Occasional Bird Finds Itself in the Wrong Dream-Set & Exits after Disorientation by Jessica Bozek: Got Milk?
7. Shoplifting From Urban Outfitters by Victoria Trott: I feel sorry for Jane.

1. Wearable Toy Piano
2. TLE Holiday Special: Music + Comic + T-Shirt = $49!
3. Knuckle Sandwich Necklace

1. Count & Sinden's Mega Mega Mega
2. "Interlude with Starlings" from littleBANG!: This one of my favorite finds of the last year.

1. The Acorn "Crooked Legs"
2. The Shys "Savior"
3. Team Genius "Take Me Home"
4. Interview with Khaled Hosseini
5. Fol Chen "Believers" (mp3)

Fol Chen - The Believers from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.

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