Friday, November 07, 2008

November Mixtape

Suddenly Everything Has Changed

Life has a way of revealing itself, over and over again, no matter where you think you may be headed or how your want your journey to go, life will present itself. There is always a purpose, always guiding hand, and always a goal.

"Brother its such a long road we've been walking on" (from "Orange Sky")

Yesterday, I was forced to embark on a new journey, turn the page as they say, and honestly I have never felt better. I am not frightened, I am strengthened, I am ready. I have a stronger sense of urgency today, and an honest feeling of clarity. I am resolute, passionate, and ready for it all to begin.

On my way home my emotions fluttered and my thoughts raced. I drove in silence for the first time that I can remember. Where was I headed? What did I want? I stopped by my PO Box like I do every evening (only it was six hours earlier), and pulled out ...And Then Some by Luke Jackson. I played the first track, "Come Tomorrow" as I pulled into the empty parking lot at home. I had never heard of Luke Jackson before but today he is the smartest man alive!

"I haven't felt this good in years/I only hope everything's as it appears to be/I should have more faith in my heart/Instead of waiting for the moment that it falls apart"

"Come tomorrow in the depths of my despair/I am frightened, I'm enlightened, I'll survive/Beg or borrow, I could lose I don't care/ I can taste it, I won't waste it, I'm alive"

"All I want is to know for sure - the best is yet to come"

November Playlist

This month mix is all about change, hope, orange skies, medication, stress, strong black coffee, and melting eyes.

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