Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Watch List

1. Lady Lamb The Beekeeper: Brunswick, Maine is home to Adelaide & Basil Aly. This duo is creating lo-fi atmospheric pop melodies. Listen to: Walrus (mp3)
2. David Daniell: Drone music from Chicago, David crafts the most beautiful and peaceful sounds I've heard in a while.
3. Kordan: Arthur Eisele only has a handful of demos recorded, but he is currently opening for Cut Copy. He debut single should released this fall, and he will then work on his debut full-length. One of his songs was heard on East Village Radio while the guys from Cut Copy were there in the studio a few months ago. They found it to be the most memorable songs that night. With a new tour being planned to come stateside, months later they remembered Kordan. They had their manager contact Kordan and the rest is history. Listen to: Fantasy Nation (mp3)

1. Equality by Fiona Hemsley: A girls quest for respect, I think. Her methods are strange and entertaining.
2. Spiderman, Pee Wee, Fellini by Katrina Kymberly NGUYEN: "I feel dumb for feeling embarrassed." A story of confusion about life and relationships. Also a story about Wal-Mart and panic attacks.
3. Dating Advert by Chris Killen: Honesty is not always the best policy.
4. Three Poems by Jason Fisk: Poems of humor and poems of deep isolation and even a poem about being drunk!
5. Why Obama by Daniel Ingala (aka Plushgun): A great essay by a great musician. Why should we care who Plushgun is voting for you ask? Well, maybe we should, but he does support his opinion and made me smile in the process.
6. Missive To T by John Ottey: Some of the best stories are written in a foreign land.
7. Ninty One by Justin Rand: This 91 from 72!

1. Ryan Bubnis is now offering originals on his etsy site. My absolute favorite is "Under Pressure"
2. Skidding Through the Mud Incognito by Jenifer Wills: This chap was the winner of Gloom Cupboards 2008 contest. (review to follow)
3. The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway: I know cover design is important, but pink fuzzies! Really?

Getting: (Full Album Samplers Edition)
1. Max Justus is the coolest electronic musician in Missiouri. Download his album Talk To Strangers
2. Duck Down Records, home to DJ Revolution, Kidz in the Hall, Ruste Juxx, Heltah Skeltah, and more, has released a sampler filled with tracks from their upcoming releases.
3. I know this is old news, but Ghostly is one of my favorite label and back in April they contributed a great mix to the Adult Awim series. Check out Ghostly Swim.

1. Theresa Anderson Na Na Na Na: Now that is what I call a multi-instrumentalist! Theresa is playing at SPACE in Evanston tomorrow night.
2. Pop Montreal Teaser
3. Sia "Soon We'll Be Found"
4. Casettes Won't Listen "Freeze and Explode"
5. The Beckoning of Lovely: The message is simply, but will you act?

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