Friday, July 13, 2007

Band of the Week

Little Wings

Kyle Field has been releasing delicate indie folk under the moniker of Little Wings for quite sometime. However, his latest release, Soft Pow'r, is something unique. Not only has Kyle created a brand new sub-label of Marriage Records called RAD, but he has also enlisted some very talented friends. Playing along side Kyle on this album are Jona Bechtolt (YACHT), Lee Baggett, Adam Forkner (White Rainbow), and Curtis Knapp (Marriage Records).

Musically, this album is ideal for a lazy summer afternoon or a quiet and cool summer evening. It is soft and delicate, but it moves along in melody and passion. Gentle guitar strums and lightly layered drums lay down a perfect canvas for Field's quivering voice. The sound resonates for awhile and then graceful disappears. It is a perfect album.

Field also recently released a book of drawings and paintings titled Put It In A Nutshell, which can be purchased on the Marriage website, or viewed here. The sub-label RAD will exist as an imprint of Portland's Marriage Records and the label is planning on offering hand-sewn patches by Rick Swan, a label skateboard from Nat Russell, and an album by The Be Gulls (a band whose goal is to sound like a perfect blend of The Beatles and The Eagles) in the near future.

Little Wings - Soft Pow'r (Sept. 18th RAD Records):
Scuby/Gone Again/Warming/Saturday/Free Bird/Beep About/What Button?

Check Out: Scuby (mp3)

For more information on Little Wings for now visit their artist page on K Records. There should be a website for RAD up shortly.

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