Monday, May 28, 2007

Political Bio of the Week

Ron Paul, Presidential Candidate for 2008. Here's a guy that has come out of nowhere basically and won some support. I've been following this guy since 2000, and he doesn't show up too much in any media or any congressional articles. Since the debates, he's gain a lot more attention and is the most supported Presidential Candidate on the Internet even though I've heard a lot of people call his ideas and stances non-sense and ludacrious. I will say this though, you can tell where he stands on issues. There is a lot of info on what he thinks.


Banning partial birth abortions
Ending preferential treatment by race in college admissions
Banning gay adoptions
Constitutional amendment for school prayer
Protecting the pledge of allegiance
Abolishing the federal Medicare entitlement, leave it to the states
Establishing tax-exempt Medical Savings Accounts
Allowing reimportation of prescription drugs
Reducing tax payments on Social Security benefits
Raising 401(k) limits & making pension plans more portable
Vouchers for private & parochial schools
Abolish the federal Department of Education
Funding for alternative sentencing vs. more prisons
Phaseout of the death tax
Ending capital gains & inheritance tax
Eliminating the "Marriage Penalty"
Tax cuts for small businesses
Making the Bush tax cuts permanent
More immigrant visas for skilled workers
Extending Immigrant Residency rules
Reporting Illegal Aliens who receive hospital treatment
Ending economic protectionism: letting the dairy compacts expire
Withdrawing from the World Trade Organization
Continuing intelligence gathering without civil oversight
Ending draft registration, all volunteers
Providing missile defense
Banning foreign aid to oil-producers who restrict production
Repealing the gas tax
New oil refineries
Legalizing industrial hemp
Legalize medical marijuana
Abolishing federal welfare; leave it to the states


No federal funding on abortion
Human embryonic stem cell research
$84M in grants for black and Hispanic colleges
Constitutional ban on same-sex marriages
School prayer during War on Terror
Constitutional amendment prohibiting flag desecration
Strengthening the social security lockbox
Allowing vouchers in DC schools
Death penalty
More prosecution and sentencing for juvenile crimes
Decreasing the gun waiting period from 3 days to 1
Prohibiting suing gunmakers & sellers for gun misuse
Restrictions on import/export; but maintain sovereignty
'Fast track' authority for trade agreements
Permanent, normal trade relations with China
Free trade agreements
Using war on terror to curtain civil liberties
Patriot Act and War in Iraq
Making the Patriot Act permanent
Military agressiveness weakens our national defense
$266B Defense appropriations bill
Emergency $78B for War in Iraq and Afghanistan
Banning soft money and issue ads
Campaign finance reform banning soft money contributions
Restricting independant grassroots political committees
Iraq War and path toward Iran War
Foreign aid is usually more harmful than helpful
$15.2B for foreign operations
$156M to IMF for 3rd world debt reduction
Reforming the UN by restricting US funding
Declaring Iraq War part of War on Terror with no exit date
Kyoto Protocol
Raising CAFE standards; incentives for alternative fuels
Prohibiting oil drilling & development in ANWR
Subjecting federal employees to random drug tests
Military border patrols to battle drugs and terrorism
Responsible fatherhood via faith-based organizations
Treating religious organizations equally for tax breaks

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