Friday, April 20, 2007

Band of the Week

Dog Day

When you think of the German record label Tomlab images of electronic and ambient drones or solo Casio warbels, but straight up aggressive rock quartet never! That is until recently, when Tomlab signed their first ever traditional rock group, Dog Day, from Halifax, NS. The band is comprised of two girls (Nancy Urich and Crystal Thili) and two boys (Casey Spindle and Seth Smith), and these four bring a great jangle pop sound that will surely be played loudly all summer. The band is set to release their debut full-length album, Night Group, in the US on June 12th. They had previously released an EP in 2005 had bought some Canadian press, but the album come easily sound their arrival on the world stage.

Check out their video for Lydia:

Dog Day is currently touring Canada, but hopefully we will see them in the states in the near future. For all of their tour dates and any further information on this band go here or here)

Oh Dead Life (mp3)
Lydia (mp3)

Night Group (Tomlab, 6/12/07)
Lydia/End of the World/Oh Dead Life/Career Suicide/Know Who You Are/Vow/Gayhorse/Night Group/Sleeping, Waiting/Defeat/Great Pains/Bright Light

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