Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Watch List

1. Camera: A dark energy rising up from the Chicago suburbs.
2. Staff Benda Bilili: Straight from the Congo, this is like nothing you've heard before.
3. The Golden Filter: This is one of the hottest bands in the country right now. Listen to: Peter, Bjorn & John "Lay It Down" (The Golden Filter Remix) (mp3)

1. Kora Issue #1: Zachary C. Bush has his own journal, and it is called Kora. The first issue was great, and I'm sure he will follow it up strong.
2. Errands by Philip Byron Oakes: These are like no errands that I have ever run.
3. The House by Brian Smith: Great opening.
4. nightlightnight by Mark Cunningham & Mel Nichols: This is the latest free e-book from Right Hand Pointing.
5. Punishment by Caroline England: It's all about the things we do to each, and the things we want done.
6. Six Month Check-up by Constance Stadler: I think I've witnessed this very check-up.
7. Swansea Doesn’t Understand You by Dan Gee: This is a Polaroid picture that moves.

1. Mixtape Zine Issue #8 is now available for preorder.
2. Turntable Speaker Mixer: A tiny turntable the plays your music and allows you to scratch!

1. Dublab's "Enter The New Era" Calander
2. The Fake Fictions "Laugh Tracks EP": A new free ep from Chicago's fuzz pop trio.

1. "Under The Pines" by Bodies of Water
2. "Fell Out of The Sky" by State Shirt
3. "Peanut" by Quitzow
4. Youth:Kill's debut album is coming soon from Chicago's The Secret Life of Sound
5. Jenny Kanzler Interview at Studioscopic


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