Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Watch List

1. Cas Kaplan: Newton Upper Falls, Mass, is home to this lo-fi folk bedroom composer. Cas is also a member of the band Daysleeper, but as a solo musician his voices creeps and echoes detailed melodies. You can download his free ep called "At Rest" here.
2. Strand of Oaks: Primarily the work of Pennsylvania's Timothy Showalter, Strand of Oaks just released their latest album Leave Ruin. Listen to: End in Flames (mp3)
3. Valentiger: We are fast approaching the time of year where the name Valentiger seems relavent. They are releasing a new album Power Lines to Electric Times on February 7th so we will be hearing more from them soon.

1. Caliope Nerve 18: Another jumbo issue from Nobius Black featuring work from Michael Lee Johnson, David McLean, Gary Beck, Andrew Taylor, and much more.
2. Tuesday Shorts Inauguration Double Feature: You have to read the piece by Molly Gaudry. You should read this one as well.
3. The Only Rational Colour for Mouthwash, or How to Loot by Crispin Best : Crispin is a strange fellow, but I like the way he writes.
4. THE NORMATIVE BUILDING BLOCKS OF MATTER ARE SOMETIMES VALID BUT NEVER TRUE OR FALSE by Colin Bassett: What are the building blocks of matter? Rocks, of course.
5. Crossed Eyed by Matt Maxwell: It's all about the eyes.
6. The Heart Breaks Down Like A Mechanical Device by Howie Good: An interesting concept that is well illustrated here.
7. The 4 Things I Do by Peter Schwartz: A poem about leaving a mark.

1. Dinosaur Jr. custom Toyota Yaris
2. Delirium is a Disease of the Night by Richard Wink: The latest chapbook from Richard Wink.

1. Juliet Cook "Horrific Confection": This is Juliet's full-length poetry collection published by BlazeVOX, and it is available for free.
2. AA Issue #2: A very cool art mag.

1. Qua "Circles"
2. Anthony and The Johnsons "Epilepsy is Dancing"
3. Loney Dear "Airport Surroundings"
4. Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland "Aer OBAMA"
5. Joe Pug "Nation of Heat"


Molly Gaudry said...

Thank you for the support! I love what you do here, and I'm honored to be included.


Nobius said...

Calliope thanks you Jason.

Crispin Best said...

strange fellow! i love it. glad you liked the story. ditto what molly said, i love the breadth and sexiness of what goes on at this site

Anonymous said...

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