Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Watch List

1. Gospel Gossip: I have found a slew of powerful female singer recently and Sarah Nienaber creeps up on my list a little more each time I listen to her. Gospel Gossip is preparing to release a new EP on my second favorite Minnesota label Guilt Ridden Pop as a follow-up to their debut album Sing into Your Mouth. Listen to: Revolutions in Physic (mp3) from Sing into Your Mouth and Nashville (mp3) from the forthcoming Dreamland Ep
2. Said The Whale: Vancouver is beginning to burst with talent again and Said The Whale is leading the way. Listen to: The City's A Mess (mp3)
3. Zach Lipkins: Downtempo soul with a breathy nearly tropical feel. The best comparison I could make is to Jim Noir.

1. Amy Tan by Amelia Gray: Her first collection, AM/PM, will be published by Featherproof Books in February 2009. I can't wait!
2. 400 Words by Albert Maysles: This is a charming story of family and life.
3. Scrapbook of Fatal Accidence by Spencer Dew: Spencer is documenting Chicago one story at time.
4. Beastie Rhythms by TR Deeks: This was found at one of my new favorite journals, My Name Is Mud.
5. Let's get tired of cannibalism! by Justin Taylor: I agree salesmen are killing us.
6. MFA/MFYou Expirience by JA Tyler, Yu-Han Chao, Donald Illich, and Saeed Jones: This is a very interesting journal as they examine the difference in literary experience between a MFA writer and a non-MFA writer.
7. Double Bolted Doors by Sandy Florian: This is written in a language all its own.
8. The Day After by Gareth Storey: Have you ever had one of those nights?

1. Heroes And Heartbreakers by Ryan Bubnis: A line of artist designed toys by kidrobot.
2. Saltgrass Issue #3: Just $5 this journal features work from Mike Young, Kristi Maxwell, and many more. The are now reading submission for issue #4.
3. Wishing that the Vets in this country were treated with the Respect they deserve. Here is an update on Richard Leck and all of the issues that the people who for him are facing. Please read and get involved.

1. My favorite old school hip hop blogs, Bust The Facts, is back and very active. They have made several posts this year already and among the best was four Grandmaster Flash albums and a megamix from Bobby Corridor.
2. Wip Issue #3: A new pdf photography magazine. The title stands for Work In Progress.

1. Tinyrun "The Making of Lincoln T's"
2. Annuals on Interface
3. Fol Chen " No Wedding Cake"
4. E Reece & Core Elements "How We Do"
5. 2 Poems by Charles P Ries: This is from the incredible new journal Shape of a Box. This is a youtube based lit journal. I'm sure you will see mentioned a lot on the watch list.

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