Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Watch List

1. Trezire: Heavy experimental tones from Pittsburgh.
2. The Arctic Circle: Chicago's Anthony Iamurri creates incredible bedroom beats as The Arctic Circle.
3. On We: Bridget O'Callaghan is the strength in this tiny Chicago band. They are playing at Subt on the 16th.

1. What Facebook Updates Really Mean by Rusty Barnes: Two little gems from the master of little gems.
2. it's november & you're 30 by j. michael niotta: 30 is tough in any month.
3. from The Evolutionary Revolution by Lily Hoang: This is a glimpse at what looks like a great story.
4. Juggling Spheres of Time by Joshua Michael Stewart: "he lounges in his yellowed briefs drinking applejack out of Big Bird’s head"
5. Celebrity Slumber [25] by Judson Hamilton: You will never guess who the celebrity is!
6. Products by Donald Illich: Everything is a product.
7. Daily Grind by Jared Ward: What a grind that would be.

1. Grow Book: This is the latest book in the featherproof family, and it is not only beautifully designed but it is a book with a conscious. Grow plants the seed of environmental responsibility in young children through a fun and interactive daily routine, with playful graphics and typography. The book is now available for presale through featherproof.
2. Erin Dollar's Fake Beards: Do you have trouble growing a beard? Well, let Erin Dollar take care of your facial hair needs. She just reopened her esty shop this week.
3. Speaking of beards, check out the latest shirt from Michael Cianfrani and Tinyrun.

1. The new ep from Chicago's White Devil for free here.
2. The latest album from Chicago's Office is called Mecca. Frontman Scott Masson has decided to give it away for FREE!

1. Joe Frawley "The City (Map 1)": Here is a bonus video from Joe Frawley.
2. Great Northern "106 Days and Counting"
3. Xrabit & DMG$ "Follow The Leader"
4. Melodium "Felt Melt (Primitive Version)": This is two years old, but still an amazing song and video.
5. Ben Tanzer spits the TRUTH!

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