Sunday, January 04, 2009

Orange Alert's Music Minute

I am going to be upfront on this one, and tell you I found out about this band at my family's Christmas. The lead singer, Rachael Petit just happens to be my cousin, but that doesn't change the fact that this Atlanta band is on the rise. The Soundtrack will be releasing their debut ep, Rumor Has It, this month, and they are currently participating in a local battle of the bands contest (vote here). Their sound is pure power pop, but the strength and depth in Rachael's lyrics give them the added element that will take them to the top.

Here is a new year's wish from Sweden's Klumpfisk. "Klumpfisk celebrates the coming of 2009 by travelling through time, in an ambitious effort to finally put 'too late' and 'too soon' out of their misery. Perhaps you have been waiting, perhaps you have not. In any event, the inevitable question put by this exquisite moment is whether waiting should ever be considered a reasonable activity again. Happy new year!"

Listen to: Peter, Bjorn, & John - Young Folks (Klumpfisk Remix) (mp3)

Los Angeles' Killola is so confident that you will enjoy their new album that they are giving it away for free. I Am Messenger highlights prefectly the raw energy contained with lead singer Lisa Rieffel. As she screams "You ain't seen the best of me yet!", I fall convinced, and I look forward to see what Killola can do. There is a centain level of glam, and a little '80's hair metal mixed in, but their is an independant heart that beats loudly. Like I said the album is free and can be found here, but below is a small sample.

Listen to: This is How The World Ends (mp3)

The two newest additions to one of my favorite electronic labels, Exponential Records, are refreshing and working well together. Diego Bernal does not create electronic music, he has found the soul of all music and placed it on wax. He has managed to merge the freedom jazz with rhythm of r&b, and the flavor and sensation of latin sounds. His first release on Exponential is a free ep entitled "Bring It Home", and you can download it here. What is even better is that the ep features a remix from the other new artist Mexican with Guns.

Ok, we have covered power pop and we have covered electronic gems, but what if you came looking for something else? Last week I received an album that I put in and was so shocked that I had to take it out immediatly. I later went back and found the right groove, but this is all out in your face punk rock! Nashville's Cactus's are releasing their Tropical Terror EP this Tuesday, and their is no sugar coating the fury of this band. Cactus's are an intense 3 piece group with the self proclaimed style of tropical thrash rock. Drummer (jru frazier) had been from a screamo grindcore band in Korea and met guitarist (asher rogers) when he moved to the states. After months of no luck finding a bassist, they convinced Asher's brother (sam rogers) to learn to play.

To complete the week in pop, you have to check out Arizona's Peachcake. Their sound is as colorful as their outfits, and their third album What Year Will You Have The World? will be released on Jan. 13th. The boys will be here in Chicago on Feb. 2nd at Subt. You can watch the video for 'Souls Have No Drum Machine' here.

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